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Bathroom interior design with plants

A long time ago, the bathroom was a gloomy room without any frills and served only for washing. Today it is a corner where you can relax, enjoy peace and tranquility.
And spending a lot of time in the bathroom, you should probably pay attention to the design of its interior and even decorate it with flowers. Why is it worse than other rooms?

Choice of colors for bathroom interior design.

You can decorate the bathroom with the help of three floral options:

  • fresh flowers;
  • blooming flowerpots;
  • deciduous flowerpots.

Cut flowers do not cause any questions: a vase with a bouquet will decorate any room. Live plants require a more careful approach: you need to choose shade-tolerant plants, and sometimes they will need to be exposed to daylight. But in the event that there is a window in your bathroom, then everything is easier and you do not need to do this.
The decor should match the style of the bathroom

It is important to remember that the selected plants should harmoniously fit into the interior and match the style of the bathroom, especially if artistic painting is used in the bathroom interior.
For example, orchids or calla lilies will fit well into a strict interior in the spirit of minimalism. For country style, simpler flowers will be a good choice.

In the color combination, it is worth sticking to, if not matching, then contrast. In other words, if the color of the bathroom is light yellow, then it is better to choose flowers that are also yellow, or, conversely, blue or purple.