House design

Stretch ceilings in frame houses

The construction of frame houses is becoming increasingly popular in the market of wooden houses. The popular old German style with its traditional beams is organically intertwined with modern technologies here.

This method of construction makes it possible to quickly build economical frame wooden houses, as well as the use of large glass elements. With this method of construction, the house acquires all the qualities of a log house, with the possibility of using glass surfaces from floor to ceiling. A frame house in its architecture is a classic structure that perfectly fits into the surrounding nature.

During the construction of the house, a wooden supporting frame is made of glued beams, inside which various materials are used as a filler (timber, panels, glass, stone, etc.). This method of construction is very multifaceted and allows you to make a weightless-looking, and easy-to-maintain wooden house. In addition, such a frame structure makes it possible to correctly and safely use large glass surfaces. The glass elements are attached directly to the frame, which allows daylight to freely penetrate into the interior of the house.

Many owners of country wooden houses have a problem related to the fact that after the construction of the building, it shrinks, so it is impractical to engage in interior decoration during this period. But not all new owners have the opportunity to wait until the house settles.

However, installing a stretch ceiling is the only win–win option during this period, since it will not crack and deform when the building shrinks.

A high-quality stretch art ceiling of the Cerutti system can be used in any building, whether it is a wooden or stone house. In any case, it serves for a long time. The only thing to consider is if, for example, you have a wooden house, but do not live in it during the cold season, then you need to install stretch ceilings that are suitable for use in unheated rooms.

To install stretch ceilings in a wooden house means, first of all, to save money. After all, despite the fact that they are relatively expensive in themselves, you do not have to spend money on expensive finishing of wooden floors: by installing a stretch ceiling, you will forever forget about the existence of wooden beams. The ceiling will hide them from view forever.

The stretch ceiling also makes it possible to hide elements such as electrical wiring, lamp housings, fire safety sensors and alarm systems. Stretch ceilings do not burn, and this is their main advantage over other ceiling finishes in wooden buildings.

Stretch art ceilings of the Cerutti system reliably protect wooden houses from any leaks, as they absolutely do not let moisture through and are not afraid of mold or mildew.

These ceilings do not sag over time, as, for example, wooden ceiling beams.

If you want to always see a beautiful, smooth ceiling above your head in your country house instead of constantly cracking and crumbling plaster or sagging wooden beams, then the only right solution for you is to install stretch ceilings!