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A small kitchen can be roomy!

It is not necessary to lament and despair about the fact that your kitchen is small and completely useless, because nothing fits on it. What to do, because not everyone has huge kitchens-polygons. There is always a way out, the main thing is to approach it wisely. There is custom-made furniture and compact built-in appliances.

First, draw a plan of your kitchen on a piece of paper with the dimensions of the walls, window and door openings. Draw where you want to see the eating area, the work area, where the sink, stove, and where the refrigerator.

Look for non-standard embedded equipment. Ask for models of two-burner cooking surfaces, gas and electric stoves are 50 cm wide. The refrigerator in the kitchen is best placed not at the entrance, but near the window, this will significantly save you space.

When ordering furniture, take into account every centimeter of your kitchen, your manager will help you do this when accepting an order, he will also offer a design project, tell you where and which cabinet is better to place. Be sure to order a corner cabinet above the work area. It is very roomy – tested!

Pay attention to the depth of tables and cabinets, if it is possible to reduce them – go ahead, it will give you twenty centimeters of much-needed living space.

The dining table can be made sliding or folding from the windowsill, which will also save space in your kitchen.

Do not force the countertops of your tables, use railers – this is a great find for various kitchen utensils. You can attach hooks-holders for spoons, ladles, tacks, shelves with spices, etc. to them.

In the dining area, if there is a free corner, order a small kitchen corner sofa for two or three people, at the bottom of which there is an additional place to store unnecessary daily trifles.

In the kitchen decoration, use light-colored building materials, light tiles on the floor and walls – this will help to visually expand the space.

Kitchen lighting also matters. Place small spotlights on the ceiling so that the work area is illuminated, and place the main light source in the center, be it a chandelier or something else.

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