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Kitchen sinks made of crystallite

In any house, the kitchen is the most multifunctional room. The whole family spends a lot of time here, so the kitchen itself should be well equipped, and not the last place in this room is occupied by a sink. Having a good sink in the kitchen is very important, because it gets the most, because it is used mercilessly, so you need to approach the choice of this item carefully.

Choosing a sink, you should pay attention not only to its appearance, because, as you know, not all that gold that glitters, and not the smallest price offered, although most often it happens. It is important that the sink is durable and comfortable. Specialized outlets offer a large selection of sinks made of various materials, both Russian and foreign manufacturers: models made of stainless steel, acrylic stone, ceramics, and other materials, as well as a Schock Euro sink made of a modern promising material – crystallite. That’s where we will focus our attention today.

What is it – crystallite? Crystallite is a new composite material created on the basis of small granite granules. It is widely used in the production of kitchen sinks, as this material is characterized by enviable strength, which is simply necessary for such an actively exploited corner in the kitchen.and

The technical performance characteristics of this material are impressive. The sinks made of it are very practical. They are characterized by resistance to impacts and scratches, which means that they retain their original appearance until the end of their service. Such sinks are also distinguished by their resistance to temperature: both high and low, so you can put hot pots on them without fear.

The surface of sinks made of crystallite is a solid monolith. It does not contain pores, which eliminates the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on it, the formation of fungus. It also does not absorb odorous, pungent odors, coloring substances of products, such as beets or blueberries, do not penetrate into it, so caring for such a sink does not create any difficulties. To put the crystal sink in order, you do not need to resort to aggressive chemicals, just wipe it with a small amount of vinegar.

A characteristic feature of such sinks is their warmth. When you touch them, the living warmth of wood is felt more than the dead cold of stone. The colors of the crystal sinks are pleasant to the perception of vision, so that these items fit aesthetically and unobtrusively into any kitchen interior. It is safe to say that their color will never fade. Sinks made of crystallite are also appreciated for their original shapes. It remains only to add that belonging to a new generation of materials, crystallite is completely safe for human health.

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