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About choosing curtains for different room interiors

Choosing curtains for the hall is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks, because the whole family often gathers in this room in the evenings, here we meet guests, arrange holidays. Therefore, they should be elegant, but not provocative, relaxing, but not boring. First of all, you need to decide on the style of future curtains, which directly depends on the size and illumination of the room. For a spacious, bright room with large windows, curtains with lambrequins or multi-layered options are perfect. It is also necessary to take into account the functionality of curtains and the ability to take care of the future outfit of your window.

Recently, roller blinds have become increasingly popular in interior design due to their practicality and incredible ability to fit literally into any room design: be it a cozy apartment or a modern office.

Why should I give preference to roller blinds?


Unfortunately, conventional blinds are not able to completely isolate the room from sunlight – there are always gaps. In addition, both horizontal and vertical slats are difficult to clean from dust and dirt: the process of washing blinds is quite laborious and long. And traditional curtains and drapes have their drawback: they are not suitable for all decorations and can not always be used in homes where there are curious animals, especially cats. Another nice feature of such curtains is the variety of colors. Flowers, patterns or plain texture — there is no interior in which it would be impossible to pick up a roller blind. And prints of your images or photos on roller blinds will help to create a truly unique atmosphere in the room.

This decor element is a kind of hybrid of blinds and ordinary curtains, combining the practicality of the first and the sophistication of the second. Roller blinds are a dense fabric that is attached directly to the window. The fabric is impregnated with a special composition that prevents burnout in the sun, which is important, because the curtain is constantly under the influence of ultraviolet light, but at the same time retains its original appearance for a very long time. In addition, the impregnation protects the curtain from dust, so you should not think that the roller curtain needs to be dismantled and washed very often.

In a hall with good daylight, it is advisable to provide options for shading the room with curtains or sun protection systems such as roller blinds or blinds. For washing, you can use dry cleaning services, but if you plan to wash your curtains yourself, it is more practical to choose a simple but spectacular window design. In a small room, it is not necessary to overload the window with a large number of fabrics and decorations. Here it will be more profitable to look at simple curtains on grommets or Roman curtains, which can also serve to shade the room.

When choosing curtains for the hall, do not forget about the style of the room. In classic interiors, curtains with lambrequins, complex draperies, fringes, decorative brushes will be appropriate. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to heavy, fleecy fabrics such as velvet, velour. They are perfectly draped, creating a play of light in the folds. Curtains made of smooth, iridescent fabrics such as satin or silk look very elegant. For the main curtain, you can choose tulle with embroidery in a classic style or a plain microvoile. Pay attention to the patterned fabrics. It can be a monogram, a strip, a fabric with a diamond pattern.

For Hi-Tech interiors, simple but spectacular styles and fabrics are suitable. For example, Japanese panels in which calm tones can be combined with a fancy pattern, or ordinary curtains on a braid made of materials resembling foil. Roman curtains made of curtain fabric with inserts of transparent organza look very stylish.

For the now fashionable Provence style, “grandmother’s” tulle with embroidery, as well as curtains with floral ornaments, are suitable. They can be combined with striped fabrics or small peas. Ruffles, pickups in the form of bows, ribbons trimmed with lace or stitching.

The hall in ethnic style can be decorated with curtains made of natural materials: linen, cotton, jute. The style for such curtains should be simple. These can be curtains on hinges or on the wings. Depending on the direction, you can choose fabrics with a characteristic ornament — for example, Indian “cucumber” or plain fabrics close to natural shades. As decorative elements, you can use natural rope, hairpins made of wood or magnets made of decorative stone.

When you have decided on the style, you can go to the store to choose fabrics! Take with you pieces of wallpaper or photos of walls, so it will be easier for you to decide on the color of future curtains. They should not merge with the color of the walls, but it is also better to avoid large contrasts. Combinations of curtains and walls with a difference of 1-2 tones look the most advantageous. Bright accents can be placed with decorative brushes, pickups, edging. Curtains that repeat the color or pattern of the upholstery on the furniture also look very impressive. This gives the interior completeness and harmony.

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