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Still life in the living room interior

The best way to decorate a house is a painting. A beautiful oil drawing, not necessarily by a famous artist, will be able to enter into excellent harmony with the main color scheme of the room. It is especially worth noting that you need to choose the right picture that would be suitable for a certain room. Choose the picture correctly, because it should correspond to the general atmosphere.

Also pay special attention to the frame, because it should harmoniously match the depicted theme in the picture. For the living room, still lifes, paintings of the sea, as well as paintings depicting the life of ordinary people, for example, a field and a mill, villages, etc. are most suitable. If you need a picture for the bedroom, then try to choose some simple picture, for example, depicting a calm landscape.

To pick up a still life, you don’t have to be an expert in painting.

Choosing a canvas

When determining the place where you want to hang the canvas, take into account the eye level and your height – you need to hang the picture exactly on it so that there is no possibility of distortion.

If there is not a lot of furniture in the room, you can buy a large canvas in the floor-wall in a realistic or avant-garde spirit. The hyperrealism style will look especially impressive. This concept means that it is almost impossible to distinguish all the depicted objects from the real ones.

The best background for a still life is considered to be a plain wall. Basically, this genre is quite expressive, so there is no need for a large number of accents in the room. Choose a place for the painting in the Scandinavian–style interior – it will be warmed by rich colors, with which floristry perfectly combines.

The choice of frame is also of particular importance. Firstly, it is necessary to observe delicate handling of the canvas itself, the frame should shade it, but under no circumstances distract all attention. Secondly, the mood and tone of the room also plays an important role. It is good if the still life does not contrast strongly with them, otherwise it can quickly get bored, and a high-quality painting is not very cheap.

Still life in the living room

If the living room is made in a classic style, then oil painting is best suited to it. Place it on the wall, where the picture will be clearly visible from any corner of the room, and the lighting will allow you to view it from any angle.

Charming provincial French towns – elegant upholstered furniture, rustling light fabrics, a cheerful and natural color palette… If the room is decorated in the style of Provence, then the interior should have a still life with the same mood. A picture that is painted with careless broad strokes and creates the appearance of an unfinished masterpiece is ideal. The tones are pastel, light, and scrupulous drawing is unnecessary.

Those who like the style of the nobility, with its dark-colored furniture, blind screens, animal skins on the floor, will suit a still life painted by a Flemish artist, for example, with an image of hunting equipment, game or a table set for a meal.

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