Construction of a gazebo in the country

Construction of a gazebo in the country

In even such recent times, when the dacha served for the owners only for growing organic vegetables, the gazebo was considered rather an excess. Today, landowners consider their dacha more often as a place to relax in the fresh, non-gassed air and try to equip the plot with all the necessary attributes for a country holiday.

One of these attributes is a gazebo. To begin with, you need to carefully consider the place for the future gazebo. It should not be in a draft, in the sun, not in a damp place. And you can choose ready-made gazebos for cottages to your liking.

The construction of the gazebo begins with the foundation. First, remove the top vegetable layer of the soil. For such a light structure as a summer gazebo, a columnar foundation cast from 4 to 9 pillars is quite suitable. To ventilate the lower part of the gazebo, you need to raise it by about 10 cm. Drainage is also required, for example gravel, in order not to stagnate meltwater, it needs to be filled into pits for pillars.

The bars are attached to the concreted pillars with the help of self-tapping screws on wood, it is also worth checking the even horizontal position of the vertical bars. At the intersection of the bars, a rectangular longitudinal notch is made.

In order for the floor to be raised above the ground, the logs stretched between the support pillars and in the middle of the opposite sides for additional screed act as a basis for it. A five–edged board will fit on the floor.

The walls in the gazebo are usually made by half. At the same time, it is not necessary to make a solid wall, it can be made of slats. But in order for the draft not to “walk” in the gazebo, one wall should be made deaf.

The roof of the gazebo can be two-pitched or four-pitched, recently the latter option has been increasingly used. In this case, 8 rafters are needed, for a gable roof, 4 rafters are required, laid from each side. Plywood attached to screws is suitable for the roof base. Today, in the presence of such roofing material as flexible shingles, many summer residents – builders use it. After all, it looks very impressive, practical and not very difficult to install.

Of course, what kind of gazebo to build; with windows and doors or almost completely open – it’s up to the owner of the dacha himself. But in any case, if it is decorated with various climbing and decorative floral plants, the gazebo will only benefit from this.

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