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Suppose you dream of going out into the yard and enjoying a magnificent view of a smooth, fresh and juicy lawn. But, no matter how hard you try, you cannot create the perfect green canvas with your own hands because of the constant growth of weeds or the dim color of the grass, weakened after the autumn-winter period. You just need to know some things about the lawn and its varieties in order to learn something useful for yourself.

Before you start placing a lawn in your garden or yard, you need to remember: first the soil needs cleaning, and it is advisable to immediately pick up a good lawn mower.

There should be no construction or ordinary debris in the soil, as well as small and large stones, otherwise, the lawn may cease to please the eye with its uniform texture. The first stage on the way to the perfect lawn is over. Now you need to choose one of its varieties, which is better suited for this site.

There are 6 varieties of lawn:

  • parterre;
  • garden and park;
  • meadow;
  • moorish;
  • sports;
  • special.

Let’s go through each of the varieties.

Parterre lawn. Low dense grass from spring to late autumn uniformly covers the area with an emerald canvas. This lawn can be safely called an “exhibit”. It looks great, the neighbors are jealous of the joy of the owners. Its disadvantage is that it does not like trampling, i.e. it is good to place it in a place where no one will walk, and on most sites such a place can hardly be found. In addition, this lawn requires very zealous and constant care.

Garden and park, or it is also called simply: an ordinary lawn. It is good for children’s games, be it hide-and-seek, catch-up or cycling, i.e. trampling tolerates well. It requires almost no special attention or care, the only thing is that in late spring and throughout the summer it will have to be cut often, as well as periodically get rid of small weeds.

Meadow lawn. Combines different herbs. From it you will get a magnificent meadow or lawn, you can also dilute it with some wildflowers.

The Moorish lawn is perhaps the most colorful of all. They combine mixtures of different plants such as, for example, cornflowers, poppies, alissums, nasturtiums and others. A Moorish lawn will look great under the shade of a large tree. It does not require close attention. It will be possible to cut it only when all the flowers have already faded and spread their seeds in order to please the owners next time.

The sports lawn is the most resistant to trampling. It is suitable for any kind of sport. Requires attention and haircuts, at least once every seven days.

Special lawn. It is usually placed in slopes in order to strengthen any slope from dangerous landslides. The most functional of all the above lawns.

Now you can choose a lawn to your taste and in accordance with your goals in order for your plot to be incredibly beautiful and functional.

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