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Light in the Dark: Night lighting

Landscape lighting is important in the arrangement of the infield. It can perform several functions.

With the help of light sources, lighting of key objects necessary in the dark, for example, paths and recreation areas, is arranged. And if there is no need to illuminate these objects completely, you can limit yourself to marking lighting, which will only mark the contours, determine the direction of movement, and set the boundaries of the objects.

Night lighting, which can be ordered from the Company “LED magic”, can also perform a protective function. At the entrance and entrance zones, as well as along the perimeter of the site, flood lighting is produced for this purpose. To ensure that the electricity costs are not too high, the lighting can be turned on manually or when the motion sensors are triggered. Blinding light is welcome here, scaring away intruders. Such lighting can also be used in a parking lot or a sports field.

Decorative lighting is usually not taken seriously and they begin to think about it only after the completion of all construction and finishing works on the site. But the facade of a building, a gazebo or a terrace, tall spreading trees, garden sculptures, artificial ponds look very advantageous in the dark with a certain illumination.

To arrange artificial lighting of your backyard, you will need an electric wire that “hides” in a hose that protects it from moisture and mechanical influences. The network of wires is laid in trenches with a depth of at least 45 cm. The number of moisture-proof sockets should be optimal and determined by the presence of lighting devices.

When choosing garden lanterns, two principles should be followed: the equipment should be of high quality and be an additional decorative decoration of the landscape not only at night, but also in the light of the sun. Hanging, wall, floor lights, spotlights with a directional beam of light, garlands, fiber optic light guides — to illuminate any object of your site, you can find a lamp that will perfectly cope with its task.

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