House design

The house is made of foam concrete

Foam concrete is a modern building material, with the help of which the construction of private houses and low–rise buildings becomes economical and reliable. For a consumer with an average income, the construction of foam concrete blocks is the most optimal solution that is guaranteed to provide quality and reliability to the future structure.

What makes up the savings in the construction of foam concrete blocks

  • -a house made of foam concrete, having a low weight, does not require the construction of a powerful foundation, which takes a considerable part of the estimated costs;
  • -the block size is significantly larger than that of a traditional brick. This implies a clear saving on the consumption of cement spent on laying modules;
  • -having a porous structure, foam concrete forms an object with excellent thermal insulation characteristics, which rightfully makes it possible to call the structure energy-saving;
  • -the absence of shrinkage of foam concrete frees the developer from the inevitable additional finishing work that is required for buildings (wooden or brick) with shrinkage after construction.

Many developers are interested in the question of the level of environmental friendliness of foam concrete blocks when constructing a house made of foam concrete. Block modules are made from natural materials: cement, water, sand and foaming agent. Using a special technology of mixing all components, a foam concrete mixture is formed, from which blocks are formed that are absolutely safe for health. In addition, natural ingredients create a healthy indoor climate, which is useful not only for residents, but also for the structure itself. The following qualities can be attributed to the positive characteristics of foam concrete: fire resistance, frost resistance, durability.

The facade of a foam concrete structure cannot be called highly aesthetic, but everything can be solved with the help of exterior decoration. Any modern building materials are suitable for finishing foam concrete: siding, decorative plaster, artificial or natural stone. The block-house looks especially noble, giving the house a native Russian log-type style.

It is noteworthy that houses made of foam concrete are built in any climatic zones, and the construction time is negligible.

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