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Five mistakes of self-repair

Apartment renovation is not an easy process, it requires a lot of physical and financial costs. If you decide to make it yourself, you will have to take measurements, choose a style, develop a concept, buy building materials and interior items, and much more. About the most common mistakes made during the repair, further in the article.

  1. Lack of concept. Most people, when starting repairs, remember about the style concept at the very last moment. To avoid such a mistake, before you start, take the time and decide on a suitable style.
  2. The use of incongruous materials. Many, having chosen the style of the room, do not think through the options of finishing materials that will be used. And then they often face a problem when, for example, marble and ceramic tiles do not combine with each other. The study of materials that fit into the chosen concept will help to avoid this.
  3. Get started without taking measurements. If you do not pay attention to calculations and measurements, you risk buying more materials and overpaying for them. And if you buy less, you will have to pay for repeated delivery. It is important to take measurements and buying furniture. There is a high probability that the sofa bought “by eye” will not fit into the place intended for it. You can hire a specialist for measurements or study the rules and perform this procedure yourself.
  4. Do everything yourself. If you rely only on yourself or your friends, this will save you a lot of money, but it may affect the quality. Some work can be done independently, without special training, and there are those that require professional knowledge. If you do not have confidence in your abilities, at this stage you can hire a master.
  5. Execution of work not on schedule. Irregular work is the most common mistake, so the thread of the developed concept is lost very quickly. If you work ten hours a week at first, then five, then you risk delaying your repair for several months, which can negatively affect the final result. It is not easy to make a schedule, but it is better to describe each stage in detail and set deadlines. This will keep you on your toes and quickly achieve your intended goal.
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