Design of a kitchen combined with a living room

Design of a kitchen combined with a living room

Advantages of redevelopment:

  • the free and visual space of the kitchen increases;
  • it is much more convenient to hold various celebrations due to the fact that the hostess will need to break away
  • from the team to monitor the preparation of dishes;
  • in the area where the living room used to be, you can place a lot of comfortable furniture than in a small kitchen;

But nevertheless, this option has its negative sides:

  • you will have to put up with the constant smell of food, because not every extractor hood can cope with the vapors and aromas that appear during cooking. Especially if it has a rather specific smell;
  • you will also have to get used to the constant sounds of working household appliances. After all, most people place a TV in the living room, which means that watching your favorite TV program will be extremely unbearable,
  • especially if a washing machine, mixer, juicer and so on are working;
    dirty dishes that are not washed and not cleaned in time can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the living room, yes, and the entire interior;

Color solutions and materials

In general, of course, it would be better to use the same materials that are present in other rooms, so that they do not stand out from the overall picture. But the only exception is the cooking zone.

To facilitate the cleaning of the wall, you need to lay out a tile / tile between the cabinets, hood and work surfaces, because fat drops or other difficult-to-remove subjects will definitely get there. As for the color scheme, it is possible to proceed in the following way, for example, the kitchen can be decorated in darker colors, and the living room in light or vice versa.

Interior and furniture

Kitchen furniture should be chosen according to the color scheme and design, which are sold at the initial stage. In that case, if it is a high-tech style, then tables and chairs made of glass will look quite appropriate. Also quite a radical way is a bar counter, because it can serve both for its intended purpose and as a dining table, but only as decorative elements you will need to use colorful utensils.

In principle, there is nothing complicated here, you just need to get acquainted first with the information contained in fashion magazines, then turn on your own imagination and try to implement it.