Scandinavian style in the interior

5 features that distinguish the Scandinavian style in the interior

Light, light, airy… It is impossible not to love him. It’s all about the Scandinavian style in the interior. But how to recreate it?

! Scandinavian style in the modern sense has nothing to do with the dark hovels of the formidable Vikings.

Lovers of color. From the walls to the white slippers

Snow-white cleanliness dominates the interiors. Occasionally it is diluted with coffee, light blue and brown shades. In the color scheme, there is peace (and even otherworldliness).

Bet on naturalness. Throw away the plastic!

Scandinavians are a demanding people. They resolutely throw out the annoying plastic from the interior, replacing it with metal, natural stones, wood and cotton. Glass and fur are used to make the house cozy.

You will not find plastic furniture in the interiors. Swedish factories create high-quality furniture made of light wood.

Pour light into the interior

Lightness, weightlessness of space is achieved largely due to light.  Ideally, if the light is natural, streaming from the windows.

By the way, no PVC! Only wooden ones that are made to match the floor.

What about the details?

Yes, they are important if you do interior design with your own hands. Scandinavian style is not like Mr. Plyushkin, who collects all the little things. But subtle accessories and details “with a hint” give it a special flavor. What can be used as parts?

  • Dried flowers in vases. It is not so important what exactly it will be: spruce paws or roses. The main thing is naturalness.
  • Sawdust. Surprisingly, but a fact. They give the interior the scent of the forest, the freshness of nature. Probably, the Scandinavians love them very much for this.
  • Mirrors. Modest, no frills. They will fill the room with sunlight and expand the space.
  • Porcelain figurines. Any subject: from animals to Chinese deities. But there shouldn’t be many of them!
  • Metal objects and candles. No brutal stuff. Elegant, thin and cute candles, metal forging is exactly what you need.
  • Like a wonderful little animal… Shaggy fleecy carpets will look great on the floor. They give the interior a special style and gentle charm.

Oh, the sea, the sea… The world is bottomless…

The view of the sea causes awe in any Scandinavian. So pictures of ships and images of fish will be useful in the interior. Shells and pearls will also come in handy.

In an effort to recreate the Scandinavian interior, you can go far. But first of all, start from yourself and your needs.