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Advantages of Old Wood parquet board

Old Wood parquet board is considered an excellent alternative for any floor covering. It is used almost all over the world. Due to the high operational properties and excellent design capabilities, this material can give the interior exclusivity and uniqueness.

The Old Wood parquet board has three layers. Plywood is considered to be the base, the middle layer is made of softwood lamellae, and sections of valuable tree species act as the top layer. All layers are arranged strictly perpendicular to the previous one, which makes it possible to increase the strength of the board.

Average service life old wood it is at least 25 years old, and with proper care and proper and careful handling, you can double it.

The main advantages of the material
-resistance to moisture – this is achieved through the use of modern technologies in the manufacture of boards;

— reliability and durability – the boards have good resistance to dents and scratches;

— noise resistance – if an object falls on the parquet, it will not make a strong noise, as in the case of laminate;

— practicality – parquet flooring is easy enough to care for, it is easy to clean and dirt on it is almost invisible;

— environmental friendliness – the production of the board takes place only from natural materials;

— natural warmth – the parquet floor is quite warm, and if necessary, you can install a “warm floor” system;

— ease of installation – using the instructions that are attached to the package, you can easily and quickly lay the parquet board;

-availability – you can buy such a material in every building materials store, while its price is very reasonable;

— possibility of dismantling – if the laying of the board was carried out using a glue-free method, then, if desired, you can dismantle the floor and re-mount it in any other place;

— the possibility of “updating” — it is possible to polish the parquet surface, but this should not be done more than 4 times.

Taking into account all the advantages of such a material, the most optimal solution when installing a floor in a house will be the purchase of a parquet board.

Not many people know that it can be used as a facing material not only for flooring, but also for ceilings and walls. Decorated with the help of this material, the room acquires uniqueness and creativity. In addition, the Old Wood parquet board is perfectly combined with laminate, wallpaper, tiles, etc. Therefore, you can experiment freely. For example, part of the wall can be covered with ceramic tiles or wallpaper, and the second part can be lined with a board.

The texture and color of the surface of the board will depend on the type of wood. The main operational indicators also depend on it.

Let’s move on to a more detailed consideration of this issue.

  • Maple – has high strength and exceptionally light color, is not afraid of moisture.
  • Beech is a dense and hard wood, from a slightly pinkish to yellow shade. The board made of this type of wood has a large selection of natural patterns.
  • Teak – for the most part has yellow shades, almost does not give in to deformation and is not afraid of water.
  • Oak is a good option for houses and apartments, which is affordable and has various shades from light brown to pale yellow.
  • Bamboo is a very durable and beautiful material, but it has a high cost, since the process of processing it is quite laborious. But this is compensated by the fact that the board made of this wood looks original and is suitable for the implementation of any design solutions.
  • Ash – has a high hardness and strength, therefore it is suitable for rooms where there is a high degree of load.
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