Art Nouveau style in interior design

Art Nouveau style in interior design

Over the years, many styles and trends have appeared in modern design – from classical to high-tech and minimalism. Each interior made by the designer has its own specific style or a mixture of styles.
Choosing the design of each room, the designer takes into account the nature of the customer and his preferences. All this is necessary so that the person who will be in this interior can feel comfortable, especially at home.

Among the variety of styles, some people prefer the Art Nouveau style. Translating from English modern means modern. It originated in the 2nd half of the XIX century.
Now art historians divide all styles into two groups: modern and non-modern. Modernity can be attributed to two of the proposed groups, since in the modern world it has acquired another appearance.
If in the XIX century Art Nouveau is a style of natural lines. At that time, they abandoned right angles and lines, used smooth shapes similar to plant shoots, creepers, flowers and sea waves were also no exception. All this characterizes the Art Nouveau style of the XIX century.

In the modern world, Art Nouveau has changed its inner content. The smoothness of lines and shapes is no longer present in Art Nouveau interiors.
A distinctive feature of modern Art Nouveau is open space, clarity of forms. Unlike the XIX century, modern Art Nouveau lacks decorativeness and ornamentation, which were very popular in those years.
Also, in the interior design in the Art Nouveau style, wide window openings are very widely used, which emphasize the style of the entire space. Glass walls fit well into this style, which in many ways are decisive in the interior.

Also, do not lose sight of the color of the walls, since this moment occupies one of the main places not only of Art Nouveau, but also of any other style. In modern Art Nouveau, it is mostly white, but any other light color is no exception.
With the help of white color, we visually enlarge the space. Also, this color gives us the opportunity to make color accents.
But in addition to white, you can use black, brown, gray, beige – these colors are considered modern colors. Red, blue, light blue and yellow can be used as accents. These colors can be used both on walls and in furniture.

Do not forget about the furniture in the created interior. The most important thing is that there is quite a lot of furniture in the Art Nouveau style. When choosing, you do not have to bother much looking for it.
Now on the shelves of furniture stores you can find a lot of furniture that suits you: these are leather modular sofas, all kinds of tables, couches, shelves, cabinets, armchairs. All of it is made of various materials – metal, wood, glass.
A large selection of textiles will give you the opportunity to easily choose the right color for your furniture and not only it. Since you should not forget about accessories that will give a special charm to your Art Nouveau interior.