The perfect reception room!

The perfect reception room!

Almost all manufacturers of cabinet furniture can provide a wide selection of special furniture for reception areas, since the success of the organization’s activities will depend on this choice.

The main element of such a zone is a rack. But not only its design should match the style, but the functionality should be at the highest level. The countertop has a special role. Its length should be such that several people could be accommodated near it at once, and it was convenient for the secretary to receive them. For a developing business, it is advisable to use modular racks, which consist of separate blocks, the number of which can be controlled.

110-120 centimeters is the average height of the racks today and this is not accidental. After all, the visitor can, if desired, lean on the counter, he should be comfortable when signing documents, etc. Also, the secretary should have a personal space, an area for work in which it would be convenient and comfortable for him to work both physically and psychologically. Modern firms of reception area furniture can offer a variety of shapes and types of racks — concave and convex, oval, square, straight. The customer has the right to make his own choice to his taste and in accordance with the requirements.

Also, the main element for the reception area can be a stand for presentation material, since recently it has become common to offer visitors various booklets, leaflets about the company and its work.

Furniture manufacturers also did not ignore the fact that space is needed everywhere so that you can find a place for outerwear. Most often, companies install wardrobes, because they perfectly fit into the design of the office and save a lot of space.

Almost all self-respecting organizations or companies have a waiting area next to the reception area, that is, a place where a visitor can relax while waiting for a meeting. Usually there people leaf through booklets, magazines, they may be offered coffee or tea. Such a zone is usually decorated with comfortable upholstered furniture. It can be office furniture – chairs, armchairs, sofas, the style of which depends on the activities of companies. No matter what, this zone should help the visitor to relax, prepare and arrange him for the meeting.

According to experts, a complex order of such a zone can cost from 500 dollars to 50 thousand. Of course, everything depends on the quality, design, manufacturer, etc. Modern designers, first of all, pay attention to the color selection of furniture. This is due to the psychological impact on the human body. The reception area should simultaneously position a person to work, and at the same time not create an atmosphere of oppressive tension. That is why most often the colors of the reception area are selected in green – this color has the most favorable effect on the psychological state of a person and his mood. Therefore, properly selected furniture in the reception area has a direct impact on the activities of any organization.