House design

How to design the interior of the balcony?

Every apartment owner would like to design a balcony in the right way. Often there are cases with the presence of a small space. As a result, the design task becomes much more complicated. In general, the interiors of balconies are created on the basis of the correct arrangement and arrangement of things. As a result, the space will be filled with comfort and will simultaneously perform all its functions.

Main recommendations

If the room is small, it is preferable to paint the walls in light colors (yellow, orange, pink). If the territory contains enough free space, then you can choose dark, contrasting color solutions. Carpets can also be used on large balconies. To visually increase the space, you can make a floor screed and cover it with laminate. Floor tiles will also fit perfectly into any interior.

Bulky curtains and curtains should not be used for the balcony. In this case, roller blinds or blinds will look great. If there is a place, then you can put an armchair or a small folding sofa.

How to equip a balcony?

As additions to the design will serve:

  1. All kinds of flowers, plants and herbs. Green vegetation will never be superfluous on the balcony. Pots can be placed inside or outside. At the same time, they can be placed on special stands or hung to save space;
  2. Folding furniture that serves as both a place to relax and a design for drying clothes in a folded state;
  3. Built-in or sliding table;
  4. Shelves placed on the wall;
  5. Cabinet made of wood or polycarbonate.

To save space, special futon pillows are often also used. As lighting, you can buy small lamps and place them on the walls. The built-in lighting fixtures on the ceiling will also look great.