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Solid wood doors

Many people, when they are going to renovate their home, want to use only high-quality materials that are clean, natural and that look natural. The most famous and popular material that has all of the above qualities is wood, which is used in the manufacture of doors.

Doors made of solid wood are made of valuable wood. Basically, it is an array of oak, various types of mahogany, an array of beech or walnut, an array of ash, an array of cherry and many others. The production technology of such doors is quite complicated. The most famous are the doors made of solid oak, red – brown or light yellow, which darkens with time. Doors made of solid ash, also enjoy good reviews. Ash is durable, and at the same time flexible, and is well polished. It is also important that wood combines well with many materials, which makes it possible to insert it well even in the most trendy house design.

The array represents the components of the door, which are made by solid filling with wood of natural origin. Such doors can be produced using two technologies. The first is the traditional technology, which in turn involves the use of a single piece of wood. The second is cheaper and involves the use of glued array. It is worth noting that when assembling the glued array, the front view of the doors changes, i.e. some parts of it may have different tones. This makes the color of the doors intermittent, which more emphasizes the naturalness of the material. Doors made of solid wood are becoming an obligatory element of an elite house today.

The quality of doors made of solid wood is primarily determined by the preparation of raw materials – the time and technology of drying, as well as gluing the array. In the second place, it is necessary to include the coating, which should be made of high-quality varnish.

Any wood undergoes drying. First, all the material needs to be dried for several years under a canopy at a certain atmospheric temperature. Then the wood must be kept in a vacuum chamber. This is necessary in order to protect the door from cracks. If everything went as it should, then you can proceed to the second stage, this is the production of the desired shape, according to certain sizes.

The final stage is the processing of the door. First, the door is impregnated, then primed and then painted. For the last finish, paint and varnish compositions are used. The purpose of such processing is to emphasize the beauty of the wood texture.

Knowing how difficult these doors are made, it is worth taking a responsible approach to caring for them, so that you can enjoy and enjoy the excellent appearance of the door for many years.
When cleaning the door, you need to use only special substances. The simplest and most effective solution is to use a solution that consists of 90% water and 10% alcohol. Detergents and abrasive powders are strictly prohibited to be used for cleaning such doors.

The service life of doors made of this material depends directly on the technology of its production. The quality of doors made of wood is affected by raw materials, which must necessarily be dried. In the worst case, cracks and deformations occur during the use of doors.
Every two years it is required to check the normal operation of the components of the doors from the array. Remove the door so that the hinges can be adjusted and cleaned and lubricated with suitable lubricants. Also clean the locks for good and high-quality work.

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