House design

How to liven up the interior?

How to liven up the interior? Many people ask this question, because it is always nice when your home is a bowl full of happiness, joy, coziness, comfort, which also pleases your eye. Changing the interior can be carried out gradually with the help of some simple design techniques. However, it is possible that you will want something outrageous, bright and unusual. For example, you can come up with an image for your house and even give it a name. Believe me: it will cheer you up for a long time!

How to realize an idea with an image and a name for a house? There is nothing very complicated here. First, you need to decide in advance on the concept of your image. Whether it will be an apartment of a resident of the future, Barbie dolls, whether it will be a jungle apartment – it’s all up to you! The main thing is that all the rooms of your house are made in a single style, invented in advance by you or by a hired designer. Colors, small objects, appliances and furniture – everything should perfectly match the idea. Do you want your house to resemble the house of a resident of the 22nd century? Use more glass as the main building material, decorate the premises with glass mosaics of different colors, hang curtains made of polyethylene on the windows, use shocking, postmodern things when decorating the premises.

Do you want to arrange a paradise on Earth in your own apartment? Natural tones, natural decor elements, an abundance of plants and animals will definitely help you realize a paradise idea. After so much work done, your house will become your home, and you will treat it as your own brainchild. Therefore, it is worth thinking about a suitable name. When your house has its own name, you will come there after work and get into another world that you have created for yourself. The name can be funny (“Petrov’s Den”), majestic (“House for happiness”). All these unusual ideas may seem silly, but you will see for yourself how it will beautify your life.

Let’s move from shocking to simpler ideas to enliven the interior. The first thing you can do is experiment with colors. Use cheerful and bright shades: yellow, orange, green, blue. You won’t want to change these colors for a long time. If the room has a certain functional purpose, for example, a room for classes, read the special literature on the influence of color on a particular type of activity. It is not shameful and easy to look through magazines where ready-made interior options are offered, and just make your own corrections to the already ready-made, selected option, well, if it is a house, then you can read the metal tile price list. Old furniture does not have to be changed with a change in the color scheme of the room! Just paint the old chairs in a new color, and give the sofa a second life by changing the upholstery to a more positive one. Do not rush to change everything radically at once, because sometimes it is enough just to swap the wardrobe with the sofa!

It’s even easier to liven up the interior! It is enough just to hang bright paintings around the apartment, arrange small vases and figurines, put baskets of bright straw on free shelves. You can not even spend money on such a small decor. Paintings can be painted independently, involving all family members. For example, you can take a large canvas of paper and cover it with colorful palm prints of all family members. You can decorate the walls with your own photos, having previously decorated the usual frame with beads, dried flowers, small toys.

There are also a few points that just need to be taken into account. Firstly, the right lighting will bring comfort to your home. From a huge selection of chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, only those lamps that will bring not only visual light, but also the light of warmth and comfort to your home will suit you. The angle of the lamp, its place in the room also determines the degree of comfort in this room. Secondly, it is always worth considering the size of your home. If this is a small apartment, then vertical lines, tall trees in tubs, tall cabinets will help you visually enlarge it.

It turns out that not only color affects a person’s condition. The shape of the objects around you also matters, so when creating a new and bright interior, you still do not forget about it.
As you know, a circle is something complete, stable, unified and eternal. Therefore, round-shaped objects will give the interior a sense of completeness, fullness, and supreme perfection. Most often, circles in the interior are used by women, as they are more inclined to appreciate these qualities.

The triangle is a symbol of the leader, therefore, when using this form in the decor, it stimulates leadership qualities in a person. She is chosen by dynamic, unusual and active personalities. The diamond shape is most often used in bedrooms, as this shape is a symbol of fertility. It is not surprising that diamond-shaped things in the bedroom improve sex life.
Since circles are more often chosen by women, men like square-shaped objects. This form brings a sense of peace and stability, order, sincerity and honor to the interior.
Waves and fancy zigzags introduced into the interior will help a creative person. They help the thought process, creative search.