House design

Seven simple decor techniques

Example one: numbers, letters, words. Using these elements in the decor has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Numbers, letters, words can be made in different colors or be plain, can be ornate, made in different fonts, can be voluminous or flat, applied in different ways: with stickers, stencil, independently. These decorative elements can be composed into large compositions or used separately. You can, for example, decorate your house with numbers that you consider happy for yourself, or words that make up the meaning of life for you (love, children, family).

Example two: vinyl stickers. This way to enliven the interior is the fastest and most versatile. Vinyl stickers hold perfectly on absolutely any surface: tile, wallpaper, metal, wood. It is also important that the stickers will not cost you a large amount of money.

Example three: inscriptions. Decorators often suggest using inscriptions to decorate the interior. Even in ancient times, wise expressions decorated the entrance to the house, places of general gatherings, even temples. You may well use your favorite lines from poems, from songs, from prose texts, winged expressions to enliven your interior. Inscriptions can be applied using stickers that must first be ordered from the printing house, using stencils, as well as independently, if you have an artistic talent.

Example four: mirrors. Mirrors are a decorative element that can perform several functions at once. If you want to add light and volume to the room, then you just need to place the mirrors correctly. If you also need to create an unusual effect, use mirrors of bizarre shapes. You can even use whole compositions of mirrors of various shapes and sizes to enliven the interior.

Example five: photo wallpapers. This is the element of decor that exists and has been used for quite a long time, but still has not lost its position. If you use photo wallpapers, then the walls in the room should be a neutral, calm color, the furniture should also not be bright (preferably a neutral or contrasting color). Only small decorative elements (vases, pillows, figurines) should be combined with flowers, elements of the composition of photo wallpapers. Currently, the most popular are monotonous landscapes, some enlarged natural objects (leaves, stones, flowers), abstractions.

Example six: Photo. Your own photos will help your interior become cozy and warm. You can make whole compositions out of them or place them one at a time, just hang them on ropes and change them constantly to new ones. Photos can be decorated in different ways: in decorated frames or without them.

Example seventh and last: map. This decor element will look appropriate only if your room is decorated in the appropriate style, for example, colonial. The geographical map will be the highlight of the interior. Also, it will not be deprived of the attention of your guests if you mark the places where you have visited with flags on it.