Ethnic style in the interior

Ethnic style in the interior

Beauty, exclusivity and convenience are the characteristics that every designer puts in the first place when developing the next interior project. Styles of different cultures, that is, ethnic styles, are allocated to a separate place. Obviously, the number of styles is so large that it will easily satisfy the requirements and wishes of any person. The article will give a brief description of only a few representatives of the ethnic group.

Asian style

This category hides a huge palette of colors and cultures of Asian countries. Japan, Thailand, India, China and others – every country of the East can be proud of an unusual style in interior design. Their uniqueness is emphasized by a rich historical past going back centuries.

In the Asian style, you can find both maximalism, clearly traced in the Indian interior, and minimalism, characteristic of the Japanese interior. The variety of options presented by different cultures of Eastern countries allows you to make a unique ethnic design in any room.

Moroccan style

The Moroccan style can rightfully be compared in beauty with a work of art. Its elegance is perfectly emphasized by a large number of decor in the form of pillows, rugs, mirrors, lamps and other interior items decorated in the same style. Many designers consider it a perfect model that allows you to create a unique interior in the house, filling it with warmth and comfort. A real estate agency will help you to buy an apartment in Moroccan style.

Mexican style

Mexico is a country with a unique culture and style in the interior. It is characterized by bright color solutions that are reflected in artfully executed decorative elements – tables, rugs, blankets and much more – all of them become the main decorations of a fairly moderate primary color. In addition, it is impossible to imagine a Mexican style without a sombrero and pottery.

European style

The European style is filled with a large number of different solutions that can be found by considering the interiors of individual countries. It should be noted that some of them combine several ethnic styles. An example is Spanish design, combining elements of Moroccan and European interiors.

African style

For many, Africa is a “wild” continent with a large number of third world countries that have preserved primitive culture and numerous tribes living in desert and overgrown territories. Bright colors, rich nature, unique species of plants and animals are what attracts many tourists from all over the world every year.

African style is a kind of primitiveness with a large number of interior elements made by hand. Among them you can find various rugs, wooden masks, images of animals and so on. Most designers prefer to use the African style for the decoration of living rooms and bedrooms.

Choosing the style of the interior, you need to pay attention to many factors – the degree of illumination, the presence of children for whom the design of the room can be a fabulous journey to another country, the purpose of the room and many others. But in any case, the whole family should like it for its originality, but at the same time radiate warmth and comfort.