House design

“In black and white.” Design of a three-room apartment.

To preserve the highlight of the building – a “monument of architecture” and, at the same time, to create a convenient and functional layout. In the interior design, use a contrasting color scheme in combination with modern forms of furniture. Since the apartment is located in an old building of Stalin’s pre-war development, the apartment features high ceilings and thick interior walls. In the redevelopment, the volume was used as much as possible and the walls were moved minimally.  The solution of the living room is a combination of white, black and red colors. Black and red for color accents: red TV stand and decorative wall (wallpaper), black – in the stretch ceiling. The interior of the cabinet is based on a combination of three contrasting colors: green, black and gray.

made of plastic, green – in the color of wallpaper and furniture. This color scheme creates a “freshness” in combination with the natural texture of the wood flooring. Stretch ceiling in ivory color for visual relief of space.

In the bedroom, a round bed model has been chosen for emphasis, which forms the entire space — a semicircular decorative wall, a plasterboard ceiling design.