House design

Hi-tech interior: choosing the right furniture

Interiors decorated in high-tech style are characterized by an organic combination of color, space and shape of objects, the complete absence of any decor, simplicity and functionality. This style of design originated from the principles of design of industrial premises, hence the widespread use of glass and metal structures, a variety of textures and restraint of colors. The high-tech interior is especially characterized by an emphasis on the architectural structures of the room: beams, ducts, cables, which act as the basis, the starting point in interior design.

It is this style, called hi-tech (from the English hi-tech, i.e. high technologies), that is one of the newfangled trends in interior design. This is a choice of stylish, modern and practical.

Choosing high-tech furniture: revitalizing the interior

Of course, the specifics of the interior suggest suitable furniture, because traditional furniture does not fit into the hi-tech style at all.

What should I give preference to?

First of all, furniture should be made of modern materials. Glass furniture, all kinds of metal and plastic elements with an abundance of chrome-plated parts are welcome. Whimsical, even pretentious designs, lack of decor – this is the kind of furniture characteristic of the high-tech style.

It is worth preferring simple geometric lines for cabinet furniture. Open shelving and glass doors are also very appropriate. Cabinets are most often a combination of several modules. A variety of metal and transparent plastic structures perfectly fit into the design of rooms decorated according to the hi-tech style, while the use of wood is minimized.

Armchairs, sofas and chairs are made of leatherette with metal elements: legs, armrests, etc. As a rule, they have a strict shape based on the use of square and rectangular parts and bent tubular metal elements.

Kitchen furniture and appliances

For the best embodiment of high-tech style ideas in the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to furniture with a minimum number of decorative elements. The polished metal work surface is an excellent choice. Also, railing systems will fit into the interior, which are a system of thin tubes or slats, to which various devices, hooks and shelves for placing cutlery, various containers, etc. are attached.

Stainless steel and chrome–plated parts are the number one materials for high-tech kitchen decoration. Kitchen facades are best chosen from plastic or modern materials imitating glass, fittings should be made of metal. The color scheme of the kitchen can be different. In addition to the traditional white, black and gray colors, the kitchens of bright ultramodern colors look impressive: lemon yellow, scarlet, orange, purple.

Built-in appliances are of great importance in a modern kitchen. No other style, except high-tech, allows you to fit the technique in any quantity so organically. It is best to use models of strict shapes with a polished metal front surface, they embody the very essence of this style.

Extreme simplicity and functionality – this is always worth remembering when searching for any furniture for an interior decorated in high-tech style, then your choice will always be successful. Even if you decide to abandon this style in its purest form, its individual elements will be a successful addition to any modern interior.