Harmony with the interior

Harmony with the interior

In recent years, residents of cities very often prefer living in an apartment to living in a country house. In the interior of such housing, a significant place is given to stairs that connect the floors of the building.

Comfortable and convenient housing in the understanding of a modern person is a large amount of air and light in the room, which means that there should be no planes that will overlap them. And in this case, you just can’t do without a ladder. The presence of stairs in the interior of a country house makes it possible for designers to make it a central element that will decorate such a room and at the same time it will become unique. In a modern interior, the staircase will be a vertical composite axis, which will serve as a unifying element of the interiors of different floors.

In the market of building materials today there is no problem to buy a ladder that meets all the requirements of reliability, but at the same time it will be comfortable and beautiful. The choice of the type of stairs depends on the layout and style of the house. The design of the stairs is significantly influenced by the following factors:

  • height and area of the room;
  • traffic intensity;
  • walking comfort;
  • harmony with the interior.

But the main requirement for the design of the stairs is, first of all, its convenience and beauty. It depends not only on the correct design of the staircase, but also on the chosen material, which will determine its color and shape. Today it is possible to order a staircase for every taste and for any interior.

According to the material of the stairs can be divided into:

  • wooden;
  • steel;
  • concrete;
  • stone.

Stairs made of various types of wood are especially in demand at the moment. Pine is most often used for the manufacture of stairs made of wood. This is due to the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive material that makes it possible to make a ladder of sufficiently high quality. Very often, an external staircase is used in the architecture of a country house. Such a staircase is best made of oak, since it is not only a beautiful material, but it is not yet susceptible to rotting. This means that the stairs made of such material will not be afraid of rain or snow.

A staircase made of mahogany or merbois will help to create an interior of luxury and beauty in the house. But no matter what kind of wood the ladder is made of, it will help to create a unique climate and optimal humidity in the room. Stairs made of concrete or stone are high-strength and durable, and at the same time they look solid and solid. Glued granite and marble slabs, or reinforced concrete treads lined with decorative stone are used as the material for the steps. But in the event that the ladder should be large, problems may arise due to the load on the load-bearing elements. And then you will have to install additional supports and use massive fasteners. But stairs made of such material as laminated glass or acrylic will give lightness and airiness to its design.

According to the design of the stairs can be divided into:

  • marching;
  • spiral.

Spiral staircases are very beautiful, but not very convenient. If there are children or elderly people in the house, then it will be problematic for them to go down and up such stairs. And then the best option would be to use a flight of stairs. Such stairs will provide ease of movement and at the same time create an interior that will confirm the thoroughness of the way of life in the house. The design of a spiral staircase makes it possible for it to occupy a small area and it is most often used where there is no technical possibility of placing a flight of stairs. Today, a variety of stairs are structures that are used both as an element of a technical solution and as an element of a modern interior.

Harmony with the interior

Harmony with the interior

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