Interior design in the style of minimalism

Interior design in the style of minimalism

To date, there are many different design styles, some are suitable exclusively for residential premises. But there are also many universal styles that are successfully used in the design of both housing and offices, salons and shops successfully coping with their task. And what is most interesting is that for many years they have not lost their popularity.

One of these styles can be safely called minimalism, which, despite its history, which began in the 50s, still remains in demand and relevant. Theoretically, it can be described in the words of Le Corbusier, the famous architect. The meaning of his words boils down to the fact that the house is a kind of machine for housing, therefore it assumes the aesthetics of accuracy and cleanliness. It is precision that has become the main definition of minimalism.

Minimalism is based on the principle that assumes the presence of an ideal space, shapes, precision of details, as well as the influence of light and colors on the interior of the room, where the presence of decorative trinkets is minimized. In minimalism, the main emphasis is on the conciseness of the interior and the absence of unnecessary details in the room. However, the minimum of these details is compensated by the use of high-quality materials, glass surfaces, an abundance of white color, which gives the room the illusion of lightness and infinity of space.

In the interior of a room that is designed in a minimalist style, it is very important to ensure that all surfaces are perfect. And in order to create more expressiveness, they resort to the use of asymmetry, monochrome colors and unusual, but at the same time simple objects and images. The use of correct geometric shapes in the form of a ball, rectangle or cube is encouraged. This also applies to furniture and decor items, as well as lighting. The main surfaces, namely the ceiling, walls and floor should have clear strict lines, and the color scheme should be one of the three most common: black, gray and white. In order to emphasize the character of the style, you can use several decorative details that have a rich color.

In such a verified and thoughtful style as minimalism, the main materials include natural wood, metals, namely aluminum, chrome and steel, glass, transparent and frosted, mirror surfaces, as well as natural stone. And the number of colors and shades should be kept to a minimum.
Minimalism is not just an ordinary design style, but a kind of philosophy that reflects the way of thinking and lifestyle of a person who has chosen such a habitat. And the main advantage of this style is that it is fully functional and in a room decorated in a minimalist style, you can both live and work.