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Finishing works

It is rightly said that there are no secondary works during construction. Everything is important: how the foundation is laid, the walls are kicked out, than the roof is covered. Finishing works are just as important. By the way, those who built the house know from their own experience that finishing works require a lot of time, the qualifications of finishers and large material costs. But if this is sustained, the house will finally take on a residential appearance after finishing.

And finishing will give it such a look. Today it is a large assortment of various materials that are necessary for interior finishing works. There is a large selection on the domestic market: classic types of finishing materials, new and ultra-modern. Where to stop? On the finish that will match the entire interior.

In principle, all finishing works are three independent directions: wooden, parquet and painting. Performing them and using building materials, we must strive not to violate the conceived design, the image that was originally conceived. Anyway, there will still be some adjustments. But the idea must remain.

When choosing finishing materials, it is important that each of them separately does not contradict the other, but complements it. Then there will be a complete picture. If wood is used for finishing, it is not necessary to supplement it with plastic. Natural marble floors and pronounced plastic panels will also not suit each other. Designers have enough options in their arsenal so that the interior of the house is holistic and not banal. In general, “banality” is like a time bomb: there will still be an explosion. Sooner or later, an ill-conceived or “decommissioned” interior from a neighbor will make itself felt by irritation and dislike of his own house. And it shouldn’t be like that. It is better to choose a style, for example, minimalism, but think it through to the last touch. And the finishing material here will play an important role.

When starting to finish the house, we must remember that it is able to smooth out some marriage or non-strategic error. This is especially true for plumbing, electrical wiring and television cable. All wires running along the ceiling can be hidden behind a suspended or suspended ceiling. Water pipes should be covered with plastic (under tile, under wood or marble) panels. Immediately solve the question of how the washing machine will look, in other words, where its place is, drain and so on.

And if we talk about the exterior decoration of the house, then the design of windows and doors, porch and roof requires a lot of attention. And, of course, the exterior walls themselves. Until now, the “fur coat” has not lost its popularity, in which walls made of cinder block or brick, already in use, are hidden. There are other options, using plastic and its derivatives. You can stop at the finishing tile, but do not replace it with the one for interior work: it will not be able to withstand the change of temperatures at different times of the year.
A fully finished house, or, as it is called, “turnkey”, should not only serve as a roof over your head. His task is much broader: now it is a place where several generations will live. So, the roof alone is not enough. Comfort also means a lot.

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