The elegance of classicism and the austerity of Gothic in furniture

The elegance of classicism and the austerity of Gothic in furniture

People have always liked elegant furniture. Furniture is comfort, functionality, style, conceptual content of the house. Initially, the purpose of furniture was functionality, but over time it became more interesting, more pretentious. Styles have appeared in the furniture industry. They repeated the directions that architecture and music set them.

Vintage is in fashion today. Vintage furniture styles have firmly settled in our homes. The most relevant are Gothic and classicism. These styles are strict and noble. Natural soft shades with a predominance of gray and white characterize the respectability of Gothic and classicism.


Elegance, classical motifs with columns, masks are all characteristic of such a style as classicism. It is characterized by straight lines, harmony in proportions, symmetry. There is no pretentiousness and excesses in classicism. Only expensive upholstery fabrics, leather, refined curved legs of tables and couches.

Furniture made in the Gothic style looks heavy and not very elegant. Simple and concise. It is made mainly of wood or stone. The main decoration is a strict geometric pattern. Gothic is based on ecclesiastical conservatism.

The basis of Gothic furniture is a chest with a high back, armrests and a seat that rose. Benches and chairs with high backs, simple wooden lavas and stone chairs. A characteristic feature of Gothic is canopies with spires. Benches and beds were decorated with them.

Gothic should be grateful for its appearance .. wardrobe. It was invented in the castles of the feudal nobility in Europe. A chest is a chest that could be increased in height in order to accommodate more things. He turned into a closet. Cabinets in this style were shaped like castles, decorated with towers, sculptures. An important point is that at the time of the creation of this style, the furniture was located exclusively around the perimeter of the room.

The decorations of Gothic furniture are borrowed from architecture — pointed arches, niches, openwork ornament

The period of classicism is the time of the appearance of upholstered furniture. She appeared in France in the castles of the nobility. French residents quickly got used to comfort. They began to wear several layers of clothing less. In order to sit comfortably, the seats began to be upholstered with special fabrics. The filling at first was horse hair, sheep wool, fluff.

Such furniture was decorated with glued mosaics made of different types of wood – marquetry.

Miniature sofas and armchairs, tea and coffee tables, massive dressers are indispensable pieces of classicism.

Modern eclecticism allows you to mix classical furniture with furniture of the classical era. It turns out a very original mixed style.

Strict conservatism unites two styles. To create such an atmosphere, you need to match the furniture and the interior as a whole. The choice of these two styles reflects good taste, aristocracy and elegance of the owner.

The elegance of classicism and the austerity of Gothic in furniture

The elegance of classicism and the austerity of Gothic in furniture

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