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The romance of a round bed

The most favorite corner in any apartment is a sleeping place where you can forget and relax, take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and gain strength for your achievements. In order for the sleeping place to perform all the functions assigned to it, it is necessary round bed comfortable, comfortable and ergonomic. It would not hurt that she was also beautiful at the same time. If you choose a round-shaped bed, it will allow you to solve all these problems at the same time, this kind of sleeping place is very practical and comfortable for rest. The Chinese teaching about interior design – “Feng Shui”, very much encourages round beds, considering the circle a symbol of infinite harmony.

A round bed is a great bedroom solution

If a round bed is arranged in the bedroom, then it will undoubtedly become the main attraction of such an interior. Its unusual rare form will turn the most ordinary bedroom into an ultra-trendy room that is not even worth complementing with anything. But you do not need to put such furniture in a small room, as it will “burden” him with its bulkiness. In addition, when choosing such a bed, it is worth choosing the interior for it, and not vice versa. For example, in a room that is decorated in a classic style, where there is solid massive furniture, heavy curtains or drapes, the ultra-fashion of a round bed will be completely inappropriate. It will look like a tasteless addition to the interior, and not its attraction. In the interiors, which are made in modern traditions and directions, just the opposite. It will look great in a room decorated in the style of “hi-tech” or “art decor”, and will also suit lovers of glamour.

To complete the design of the bedroom, it is necessary to devote a lot of time to the selection of bed linen for a bed of such a peculiar shape. Colors and shades in this case can be completely different, the variety of drawings is limited only by your own imagination. When selecting underwear, you need to be guided only by your taste preferences, it can have both geometric drawings and drawings on a natural theme. Sharply differ in tone from the bed itself, or vice versa, be its continuation. Linen for such beds will not be found in an ordinary store, it is sold in specialized departments, but the most ordinary rectangular double set is perfect for it. The corners of the bed linen will add to the charm of the bed, hanging beautifully from it.

Satin underwear is an absolutely win—win option that harmonizes with any bed. When selecting a bedspread, it is absolutely not necessary to be guided only by its round shapes. An ordinary rectangular bedspread with playful tassels or noble fringe along the edge will also be perfect. It will not cover the entire area of the bed, but it will look good in the interior.

A lot of pillows that can be placed on it will add even more romance to the bed. Throwing a blanket over her and spreading soft pillows around the perimeter of the bed, you will create an attractive romantic image in the room.

Varieties of round beds

Like other types of beds, round beds differ in the materials they are made of, design details, color, etc. Sometimes such beds can be additionally equipped with armrests and a modern backrest, since this kind of bed is more convenient to use. Many of these beautiful representatives have a sliding mechanism, which allows you to economically spend the space you have. A round bed will fit seamlessly into a room that carries several functions, for example, in a studio apartment or in a living room combined with a bedroom. The service life of such beds is almost unlimited. Their presence in the room will always be the subject of discussion, and the space itself will be filled with light and lightness. An excellent addition to it will be pieces of furniture made of glass.

The original solution to save space will be a round podium bed, which looks very stylish in the interior. Such a bed is very functional, as it is equipped with additional drawers for storing bed linen and other things, and sometimes even a chest of drawers, which also solves the problem of storing things. If you put a creative table lamp on such a podium, then it can become not only the completion of the decor, but it will also be very convenient for reading or just highlighting.

For lovers and connoisseurs of music, there are round beds that are equipped with speakers for listening to various compositions. Such beds will not go out of fashion, so you can safely experiment with them and create various compositions in the bedroom.

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