House design

Aqua-style interior

Aqua – in Greek means water, and it is clear that the aqua style in interior design should be a kind of reflection and refraction of the characteristic features of the water element. In the modern sense, however, the aqua style (there is another term – marine style) splits into two equal interpretations.

The first of them assumes the indispensable presence in the interior of the maximum possible number of hydraulic structures (fountains, aquariums, artificial waterfalls, cascades, water curtains, etc.), which, in general, coincides with the style of “hi-tech”, which has a narrow water orientation. Another considers the water style as purely artistic characteristics of various kinds of water elements and prefers to select their quintessence for its realization – color, sound, attributes, naturalness, materials and accessories.

Both points of view make it possible to give a generalized description of specific aqua style techniques when using different conceptual approaches.

So, about the color. The predominance of shades of blue, green (any variations on the theme of the color of the sea and sky) is obvious. At the same time, tropical tones can be added as a thematic “highlight” (when the design is based on an analogy with the southern seas), or, on the contrary, northern or characteristic of river banks, etc. In short, shades of yellow, sandy, not quite pure white, brown and others are often added to the blue-green tonality. neutral tones (inclusions can be bright).

Finishing materials are dominated by natural and “warm”: wood, textiles, plaiting, “classic” metal in small quantities (copper, bronze, brass). With a modern design with an abundance of hydraulic engineering, aesthetically suitable imitations of these materials (mainly made of plastic and steel) are possible.
Two things are required from furniture to the maximum extent – functionality and invisibility. In general, everything related to the presence of a person in the aqua style should not be conspicuous. Borrowing from ship interiors is good here, but the convenience of using furniture should not be sacrificed to stylistic delights.

The surfaces of a large area (walls, floor, ceiling) in aqua style are usually made based on either shipboard or in the spirit of “wild nature”, the bathroom tiles available for sale allow you not to limit your imagination. Floors “a la” a ship’s deck or a sandy imitation of them are quite characteristic options (the designer’s imagination, however, is not limited to this).

Of course, accessories are extremely important. As such, any items related to seas, rivers, fleet, aquatic fauna and flora, etc. will be suitable. With a generalized approach to aqua stylistics in the interior, hydraulic elements can also be attributed to accessories. On the other hand, the aqua style is often implemented based on famous marine (in general, aquatic) classic plots (Sadko, Atlantis, the Little Mermaid, “Treasure Island”, the adventures of Captain Blood, “The Flying Dutchman”, “Running on the Waves”, etc.). In this case, hydraulic engineering is not strictly mandatory, but it can even enhance the impression of the interior.

Aqua style in the interior will satisfy both lovers of romantic solitude and supporters of an active lifestyle who love to constantly struggle with difficulties. The main thing in this case is an organic sympathy for the water elements.