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Selection of curtains for the interior

The repair is finished, the furniture is bought, it remains to hang curtains. How to choose them correctly? How not to spoil the interior of the room? Of course, it would be ideal to seek help from a specialist who will definitely make the interior complete and harmonious. But if there is no way to do this, you can do it yourself perfectly!

The basis of the choice should be the purpose of the room. So, French or Austrian curtains are perfect for a luxurious living room. For the kitchen, you can choose Roman or roll-up curtains, weightless tulle or organza on grommets. Classic curtains are suitable for a quiet bedroom or strictly an office.

Then you need to decide on the color. There is always a certain fashion for color, but you need to take into account the color scheme of the room. It is best to match the curtains to the color of the walls and floor, as well as focus on the color of the furniture. You can also choose bright colors by contrast, but here you need to be careful – they can quickly get bored and start annoying. If in doubt, curtains of calm and muted tones will always be appropriate everywhere.

Not only the color of the fabric itself is important, but also the pattern on it. In a small room, you do not need to choose a fabric with a large pattern – this will visually further reduce the size of the room. A horizontal ornament can visually expand the room, and a vertical one can make the room taller. Plain curtains, as a rule, look very strict and are suitable for the appropriate interior, but you can remove the severity by choosing the original tailoring with lambrequins, ruffles, brushes.

Go into the room, look around, think and you will feel for yourself which curtains will finish your interior!

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