The entrance door

The entrance door is a special part of the interior

They meet by their clothes. However, when it comes to an apartment, the entrance door in the stylistic interior will literally be her face, which is able to tell a lot about her owner. It should also serve as the main defender for the values behind it. Therefore, the entrance door is simply obliged to combine aesthetic appeal and reliability. In addition, the door protects not only from the intrusion of uninvited guests, but also from extraneous noise. The choice in this case falls on a door with good sound insulation.

The most common entrance door is considered to be made of steel. However, if earlier it was no more than a simple sheet of metal, today such a door is decorated in a variety of ways. Steel, of course, is a more durable material compared to wood. The only thing that can spoil it is corrosion. Therefore, modern doors are increasingly being made with a special coating that slows down the effects of rust. For the manufacture of entrance metal doors, a special high-profile steel is used, which meets all modern requirements for quality and strength.

Burglar resistance in steel doors is also different and has 4 classes. Doors with 2 and 3 classes already guarantee reliable security. Such doors cannot resist only firearms. And so it is almost impossible to hack them with improvised tools. Steel is also very reliable in terms of fire safety. If the dimensions are adjusted clearly, then the door stands in the frame exactly along the perimeter. And due to special seals, in case of a fire in the entrance, the apartment will not suffer even from smoke. The same seals will help protect against extraneous sound, draft and smell. This door is resistant to harmful chemical compounds, fungi and mold.

If the door is wooden, then it should not be with knots and resin stains. This will significantly reduce the time of its operation. But everyone has long forgotten that a wooden door is a fire hazard. They are treated with a special antifungal and fire-resistant compound. This is a standard that should be reflected in the accompanying documents. Ideally, such a door should be made from a natural solid solid of good wood. For the coating, a high-quality varnish should be used, which is evenly applied to the entire canvas, while creating a perfectly smooth surface and uniform coloring.

Aluminum doors are suitable for offices. They have a pretty presentable design, and they will fit into most interiors. Aluminum perfectly resists corrosion, aggressive environments, is easy to use, and is not affected by temperature changes.

Of course, no door will save you if good locks are not installed in it. Therefore, each option should be accompanied by a good quality locking mechanism. Only in this case, the front door will last for a long time without any complaints and problems.

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