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Color combinations in the interior: selection rules

Psychologists are sure that some colors are beneficial, while others, on the contrary, negatively affect the emotional and, as a result, the physical state of a person. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right shades for interior decoration of an apartment or house, guided not so much by your own preferences and tastes, as by the advice of scientists, designers and psychologists.

Tips and rules for choosing colors in the interior

  1. One tone rule. This method of interior design involves the use of various shades of the same color – from pale to deeply saturated. To add lightness and ensure a smooth flow from one shade to another, it is recommended to complement such an interior with any neutral colors, such as gray, beige or milky.
  2. The rule of harmonious association of the palette. With the help of the color wheel, which every designer has, it is very easy to create the right interior in terms of colors. Gray and black, pink and light green, blue and yellow, green and red are perfectly combined with each other.
  3. Rule of Contrast. To create a bold, bright and memorable interior, the method of contrasts is ideal. For example, you can take red as a basis and dilute its activity with other equally stylish colors – black, green or blue.
  4. Nearby color rule. The so-called vertical of the rainbow spectrum, which combines all the colors of the rainbow – from red to purple – clearly demonstrates which shades can be used together and which ones should not.

Interior color and style

Different styles, different colors. Country “loves” everything natural, so the shades for interior design in country style should be as natural as possible. Ideal if it is straw, bamboo and woody colors.

High-tech apartment? Then you should take black, gray and blue as a basis. The coldness of the chrome scale, diluted with cosmic shades of dark blue and gray shades, can complement the interior.

Classic interiors do not tolerate kitsch and bright colors. So wallpaper and furniture should harmoniously comply with these standards. Brown, white, milky, beige, “under the tree” will give the rooms a soft and noble look. Such restraint is also inherent in minimalism.

The right combination of colors in the interior is a guarantee of comfort, coziness and good mood. Knowing the basic rules for the harmonious combination of shades, you can create a truly stylish and original apartment design.


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