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Loft-style interior

The Loft-style interior originated in the USA when it became necessary to convert part of the production premises into living space. When arranging such apartments, unusual initial features appeared, which became the highlight of a new direction in interior design: high ceilings and very large windows, a huge area of the room without internal partitions, the presence of pipes in the room, painted walls with elements of stone or brick masonry.

White Loft by Harry Hutton

The latest trend of the time was the interior design in the style of “white loft”. It is characterized by the use of only light and calm tones in the design of walls, floor, ceiling, furniture should be modern, expensive, discreet colors and a little rough. So, in a white loft, one of the walls can be lined with white or creamy aged brick with the effects of roughness and unevenness. This will give the room not only more airiness, light, cleanliness, but also comfort. Against this background, leather armchairs and sofas, modern mobile furniture on wheels look great. A bright spot in the room can be a carpet with colorful ethnic drawings or the skin of some animal. To recreate the spirit of the loft in the bathroom and in the kitchen, it would be appropriate to use monochrome mosaics, cover part of the wall with steel plates or give preference to raw stone.

Today, the use of loft style in the interior has become so popular that they are trying to artificially recreate it even in ordinary city apartments. For this purpose , such design techniques are used:

  • combination of modern materials with artificially aged;
  • walls painted white, with elements of brickwork;
  • board floors, varnished;
  • the presence of unmasked wooden or metal beams, pipes in the room;
  • internal partitions are made of transparent materials (glass blocks, for example, or simply install a floor-to-ceiling window instead of a wall) to achieve the effect of maximum openness of space;
  • the division of a single space into functional zones with the help of large furniture, different textures and colors in the design of walls and floors;
  • arrangement of a large number of seats;
  • a combination of trendy furniture and appliances with rare items.

The use of curtains, tulle – only blinds is uncharacteristic for the loft style. Paintings in such an interior should be abstract without carved frames.

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