Design of a three-room apartment

“Fog over the Thames.” Design of a three-room apartment.

In this situation, it is impossible to resist the temptation to repeat the phrase that the interiors look like people, have their own face and character. Some are outrageous, respectable, can revel in self-esteem or drown in waves of overflowing luxury with touching naivety.

In others, there is no element of “exhibition”, they are not designed for display, but are created and exist “for themselves”. The created interior is one of them. It was important for customers to see a harmonious combination of different styles in their interior. The mandatory requirements were the creation of a separate office and a dressing room.

In the struggle for functionality and space in the apartment, some partitions were rearranged, and in some cases removed. A dressing room and an office are designed. The bathroom is enlarged due to part of the corridor.

The design solution is distinguished by simplicity and spontaneity, not flashy, but successful details and bright accents. Each room of the apartment has acquired its own style. The corridor resembles an English fishing rod. The living room and kitchen are united by high-tech style. The bedroom is a “stylized east” — the mood of lightness is conveyed through a pastel range of colors.

The bedroom is combined with a bay window decorated with artificial stone and painted Crimean landscapes on the walls. The interior of the office is strict and extremely concise. Despite the presence of a large number of bookshelves and decorative finishes, minimalism prevails. In general, the whole apartment is made in bright and warm colors with bright “color” accents and using modern materials.

The use of decorative plaster and wall paintings give a unique charm and color to the whole apartment.

Design of a three-room apartment

Design of a three-room apartment