Small kitchen-living room - interior ideas

Small kitchen-living room – interior ideas

Basically, in small-sized apartments, kitchens are not allocated a huge area, in most cases they have to save every square meter.

One of the very ideal ways to make this room more extensive is to connect it to the guest room.

Organization of space.

at the beginning of the redevelopment, you need to carefully calculate how the space will be arranged, and how the working and dining areas will fit in it, because its area remains small even after the changes. Plus, it is necessary to take into account certain other points.

In order for the kitchen-living room to be a single whole, all furniture items located in different territories, as well as facing items, must be made in the same style solution or have similar shades of colors.

To save space, you need to use built-in home appliances and furniture. In such rooms, there must certainly be some big and bright accent, for example, not a small painting or a massive chandelier. Such components visually expand the space and make it more voluminous.

Video selection of step-by-step repairs in the guest kitchen in a small living area:

There are several options for dividing these rooms.

  • One of the types is the disassembly of the wall plane dividing the guest room and the kitchen. But this kind of layout is not very convenient, because in this version, to get into the kitchen, you need to constantly cross the guest room. A much more convenient option is the demolition of part of the wall. The remaining surface will act as a space divider, and its unusual design will allow it to become one of the very fashionable interior elements.
  • An exciting solution is the use of an arch with sliding built-in doors. Thanks to these systems, the kitchen and the guest room are accepted as one, and if the doors are closed, they represent two individual rooms.You can divide the space by using different heights of the floor level or ceiling covering; using curtains and curtains; fake partitions, and also installing a bar counter or a kitchen island in the middle of the room.
  • A curious variant of the division of the room is the installation between 2 territories of decorative green plants, acting in the form of an unusual hedge. We must also remember about lighting. It is recommended to install bright lighting devices in the kitchen, and in the reception area it is best to use lights with diffused lighting.
  • A comfortable way to divide the space is to divide the room into working areas diagonally. In this variant, along the 2 wall surfaces, which are located far from the door, a set for the kitchen should be installed with the letter G, but on the contrary, a soft sofa with armchairs and a dining table should be installed.

In small kitchens – living rooms, it is necessary to work hard to put more interior elements and at the same time preserve order and a comfortable atmosphere in it. In order for such a room to visually seem more free, small and bulky furniture should be placed in it. For these rooms, it is recommended to choose a corner set for the kitchen, filled with a low partition or a bar, which can divide the space between the kitchen and the living room. If you wish, you can put lockers in this area that have glass inserts or open shelves.

Visually lighter and freer space will be made by kitchen sets with shiny lacquer facades or with surfaces made of white glass on a matte base. In the work area, it is also comfortable to use furniture capable of transformation, for example, hanging cabinets in the form of a designer, thanks to them, additional free space appears in the kitchen area. In the area for a pleasant stay, it is recommended to fit a comfortable sofa, a TV, and if the area allows, then a small coffee table.

You can make a quiet, peaceful atmosphere in the reception area and highlight its purpose by decorating one of its walls with photo wallpapers with beautiful landscapes. Ignoring the obvious advantages of such a layout, it also has specific bad qualities. In rooms where food is always prepared and other household chores are carried out, it is difficult to always maintain order. This problem can be solved with the help of a properly organized design of savings, built-in home appliances, and also furniture made of convenient and easy-to-care materials.

In the area where the kitchen is located, an excellent extractor hood should be installed so that the aromas do not spread throughout the room and do not interfere with the household, which are placed in a place for a pleasant stay. Plus, for kitchens-living rooms, it is recommended to purchase electrical appliances that make as little noise as possible, otherwise, they will always interfere with the inhabitants of the house watching TV, talking or just spending their holidays.

Small kitchen-living room - interior ideas

Small kitchen-living room – interior ideas