Bedroom interior design in Provence style

Bedroom interior design in Provence style. The color scheme of the bedroom in the style of Provence

A person spends a lot of time in the bedroom, because you need to think seriously about its interior.

The style that should be in the bedroom is directly related to the disposition of the owner and the layout of the apartment.

What colors should be used for bedroom design?

According to the designers, the basis of at least some style is color.

Specifically, competent color solutions can set the mood in the house and have a beneficial effect on its owners.

Small bedroom design: simplicity and lightness

Small bedrooms are always intimidated by the tightness of the place and cause an overwhelming feeling.

Nevertheless, the skillful design of the bedroom can help you to use the available space very much, also take care of preserving the multifunctional parameters of the room.

If you are at a loss in which style to make a bedroom, and the desire for comfort and peace, to take a break from the hustle and bustle, then you can see the interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence, which is distinguished by its own lightness and grace.

The color scheme of the bedroom in Provence style is made in pastel colors. These are the colors of beige, milky. The colors of the sea wave, lavender, and sunflower are very popular. Transitions in colors are smooth, contrast is not appropriate here.

Bedrooms are made only of natural and ecological materials, which is a huge plus.

In the interior design of the bedroom, only natural fabrics are used. As a rule, it is linen, cotton, chintz, cambric, satin or muslin.

Fabrics used in the interior, bed linen, should be with floral ornaments, often on a snow-white background. A quilted bedspread with a floral pattern is perfect.

Wood is often used for the ceiling and floor. You can make an imitation of ceiling beams, which will give a highlight to the bedroom. The floor is ideally covered with a parquet board or a tile “under the tree”.

A rug on the floor will look win-win. But the walls are quite plastered.

But the plaster will suit rough or with the effect of aging, which will only emphasize the style of the bedroom in the style of Provence.

You can also put a floral ornament on the wall or paste over with relief wallpaper. Windows were not curtained at first for this style, but at the current time they still use light, airy curtains or unique curtains that can be decorated with a cord.

The door to such a bedroom is better to choose from natural wood, painted in beige tones with a lock and handles in the ancient style.

For lighting, there is quite a wrought-iron chandelier in the center of the room and bedside lighting devices made in the same style.

It’s great if the lampshades on such lamps will have floral patterns. Little things play a huge role. Therefore, the room can be decorated with souvenirs made of ceramics or porcelain, wooden caskets, paintings with landscapes, embroidered tapestries, painted vases with fresh flowers.

A bed for a bedroom in the Provence style should be ordinary in execution, comfortable.

It is made of natural wood or forged metal. More often it is a nut, chestnut, oak. The legs of the bed have a curved shape, and the forged bed has a luxurious patterned backrest.

The bed can be decorated with a composition of a number of pillows. A dressing table and a luxurious ottoman will fit perfectly into the bedroom, as well as low bedside tables with lamps. Such a bedroom will give you the warmth and comfort of the old south of France.