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Brushcutters and garden shears

Brushcutters are indispensable for working in the garden and in the backyard. They are designed for pruning bushes and fruit trees. They come with a moving cutting device and a rigid one. The first type of tool is equipped with knives that rotate and do not damage the turf. The second type is designed for pruning thicker branches, the diameter of which should not exceed two centimeters. A diverse selection of tools allows you to maintain your garden in a well—groomed form, and also gives you the opportunity to show creativity – landscape design.

Brushcutters differ from each other in engine power and design. The engine runs on both gasoline and battery. Gasoline brushcutters and garden shears are equipped with a protective casing against exhaust emissions, slightly heavier and bulkier than battery ones.
Garden shears are designed for caring for flower beds and cutting grass, in places inaccessible to the lawn mower. For the convenience of work, they are equipped with an additional nozzle that allows you not to bend

Brush cutters resembling a trimmer are very popular, where the cutting tool will be a metal disk-cutter. This helps to remove trees and shrubs with a diameter at the root, up to 14 centimeters. It is especially needed in autumn, for cleaning old branches and in spring, for cleaning young shoots. There are also such brushcutters, they look like hair clippers and shaving machines. With such machines, you can give the bushes a different shape. The size of the knives is set to what kind of work is needed in the garden. Whether it’s thick or thin branches. It is important to monitor the correct installation of knives so that the haircut is correct.

Barbell shears are used for cutting high bushes, but professionals can work with them on low bushes. These scissors can turn in different directions. With their help, you can give the crown of trees a neat, beautiful shape, which will serve to lift the mood and joy in your life. Keep an eye on the pruning of branches so that they do not get under your feet and do not interfere with work. Take care of your hands and feet. Make sure that they do not get under the working tool.

For your safety, the tools are equipped with a two-handed switch and are started with two hands. If you release one button, the motor will stop. The canvas is also covered with a transparent shield. It protects your hands and face. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses. Take your time, make sure that the haircut is smooth and beautiful. Keep the car closer to the body, this will give reliability and stability. Make sure that nothing will interfere with you, remove foreign objects from the intended place of work. Do not cut too close to the ground. Regularly carry out maintenance of your tool, clean it from dust and dirt. Store in a dry and warm place.

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