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Chandeliers. Different types of chandeliers and their functional features

A lighting device with a different decoration, which diffuses light and is called a chandelier, was previously used only in cathedrals and temples. Chandeliers were not available to everyone, because they were made of expensive metals. Only wealthy people could afford this luxury.

To date, you can see a chandelier in every house. But few people know that the first chandelier was invented in France. Until now, no more practical option has been made than a chandelier.

Thanks to the wide choice of style and features of lighting fixtures, you can easily choose the necessary lamp that will perfectly fit into the interior of the room. In order to avoid mistakes when buying chandeliers, it is necessary to know their types and features.

Chandeliers-suspensions usually consist of one or two plafonds placed on a chain, cord, string. The lampshades for such chandeliers have colorful colors. The suspensions have a variety of shapes, so they are perfect for the interior of the kitchen, dining room and living room. If several lamps are placed on a short suspension, the room will look very original.

Ceiling chandeliers will be an ideal solution for a room with a small area and a low ceiling. The lampshades of this type of devices are often geometric in shape made of plastic or glass. Ceiling chandeliers are suitable for lighting the bathroom, nursery, hallway. A significant disadvantage is that you can’t get a light bulb until you take off the lampshade.

Classic chandeliers have remained the most popular for more than one year. The elegant outlines of their ceiling lights will make the room festive and chic. These chandeliers are made of glass, textiles, metal. Crystal classical chandeliers appeared in the 17th century in Bohemia, and already in the 18th century the whole of Europe used these lighting devices.

Chandeliers come in different styles and are divided into types.

In recent years, eco-style chandeliers have been in great demand. A prerequisite for the production of these devices is natural materials. Often these are lamps made of wood, decorated in a rustic style. This is an excellent choice for a cottage, kitchen, country house.

Crystal chandeliers have become a kind of classic look. Crystal makes the lighting device shining and decorates the interior with the iridescence of sunlight.

The floral style of chandeliers got its name because of the devices made in the form of flowers. This is one of the classic types of chandeliers, the plafonds of which are made in the floral direction.

The Art Nouveau style is the most modern. The material of these chandeliers contains frosted glass and steel. There is no desire for a single design in this style, but there is a trait that unites these lamps: they fit perfectly into minimalism.

Only the most common styles are considered here. The list of them is much longer, but you already have a basic idea of what lighting devices are.

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