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Bet on quality and trust of BOSCH

More than a century has passed since the creation of the BOSCH trademark, the founder of which was an ordinary peasant – Robert August Bosch. The main focus of the company was the production of electrical equipment, but BOSCH became famous after the production of ignition systems for cars was started. The company managed to survive two world wars, difficulties did not break it.

Company strategy

Continuous improvement, maximum practicality of manufactured items, economy, ease of maintenance, comfort – bosch household appliances are based on these postulates. It was Bosch who first came up with dispensers for washing machines that allow you to control the consumption of washing powder. Bosch refrigerators are a way to save money, but not by reducing the amount of food consumed, but due to the fact that fewer products will have to be thrown away.

Bosch Refrigerators

Do you want your products to stay fresh for a long time? Or maybe you also want a minimum amount of energy to be spent during cooling? Do you also want to comply with all environmental requirements? Yes, and so that the price was optimal? Someone will say that such a product does not exist. BOSCH produces such refrigerators. Don’t you believe it? See for yourself!

Bosch refrigerators are a Luxury energy saving class (A++), quiet operation, and bacteria have no chance of surviving on the antibacterial surface of the food storage chamber. The temperature range at which BOSCH refrigerators maintain their performance is any climatic zone of the Earth, even in conditions of forty–degree heat. Great design. Comfort – there is a shelf for each product in the refrigerator, all elements are removed, so it is easy to keep clean. A large range of products – from mini refrigerators to Side-by-side units, multifunctional, reliable, they are waiting for their owners in home appliance stores.

BOSCH washing machines

Now you won’t surprise anyone with an automatic typewriter, neither horizontal nor vertical. But most housewives began to show dissatisfaction with the duration of the process. No one wants to wait two hours for more laundry to be hung up. So, only BOSCH washing machines will cope with washing in record time – 1 hour. Do you want to say that the quality of washing will suffer, that things will not be as clean? But no — everything is at the highest level, things are like new. Mini-washing – the whole process takes 15 minutes, available only in BOSCH washing machines. Have washing powders gone up in price? With BOSCH, this is not a problem, so you know, BOSCH washing machines use a minimum of detergents, without loss of washing quality. Do you need to wash more than 5 kg of dry clothes every time? Buy Logixx 8 – they hold 8 kg of dry laundry.

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