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Calm sophistication romanticism in interior design

The era of Romanticism at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries played a significant role in design. Romanticism is one of the most popular trends in interior design today. This is a lively, free and close to nature style.

Elegant, refined and light style of romanticism in design is the choice of poetic natures. Romanticism fascinates with the plasticity of lines, the sophistication of shapes, textures and patterns. Romanticism is an original combination of lightness and thoroughness.

The interior in this style is characterized by a combination of openings in the form of arches, luxurious furniture with forged details, delicate decor, memorable accessories and little things dear to the heart. The furniture has delicate and elegant shapes. Beautiful old things are present in romanticism, as if leaving this style out of time. Antique dressers and armchairs can be used.

One of the distinctive features of this style is the ability to appeal to folklore and natural forms of decor. A beautiful ensemble is made up of materials inherent in romanticism: wood, stone and high-quality textiles. Natural materials give warmth, lightness and sophistication, tenderness and softness.

Romanticism in interior design is individual. It reflects the person himself, his inner essence, his harmony with the surrounding world. This style of design is suitable for people for whom comfort, coziness and a calm atmosphere are in the first place. Every detail in this style is thought out in order to preserve the atmosphere of dreaminess, warmth, tenderness and comfort in the room.

A sense of harmony and integrity for such an interior is created by carefully selected accessories. In combination with exquisite furniture upholstered with expensive fabric, candles in elegant candlesticks, figurines, vases, decorative plates, silk pads and many other details that gently flow in and emphasize the overall style of the interior are suitable.

The fireplace can become the center of the room, around which all the furniture will be built. In the evening, the fireplace will also serve as a source of light and a corner of comfort and warmth.

Flowers bring freshness to the interior, emphasizing its tenderness and sophistication. They occupy a special place in a romantic interior. In the house, flowers can be harmoniously present everywhere. It can be live plants or in the form of patterns on curtains or wallpaper.

Properly selected lighting will give an additional feeling of peace and tranquility. For this style, lighting is selected in such a way that there is an atmosphere of romance and a state of privacy in the room. The spirit of romanticism corresponds to the lamps placed on the walls and table lamps in an ensemble with a small chandelier. Additional evening lighting can serve as a fireplace and candles.

The color scheme in modern romanticism is restrained and limited to natural colors and shades. Blue, beige, white, cream or pink colors are preferred. For the design of the kitchen and bathroom, a plain, soft color is chosen, for example, you can finish the kitchen in pale blue in combination with white or in pink and cream. Bright colors such as light brown, beige or peach can be used in the decoration of the living room, bedroom or dining room. Wallpaper can be selected in stripes or with a small pattern and floral patterns. The ceiling is traditionally light: white or milky, decorated with a baseboard or border.

In the romantic style, various fabrics of light and muted tones are widely used, giving smooth lines and rounded outlines. Airy, flowing fabrics are used to frame windows, on bed canopies in the bedroom. In the drapery of tables and chairs, denser multi-layered fabrics are suitable. Textiles are also used in wall decoration.

Romanticism in the interior is the choice of creative personalities, because romance always becomes an incentive to creativity, creating new things, striving for the ideal.

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