Design of a two-room apartment

Don’t make these 8 mistakes by creating a kitchen interior with your own hands

The kitchen is being “sent” for alteration? Then you should not make these 8 mistakes by creating the kitchen interior with your own hands.

So long that it’s already uncomfortable… Features of the working surface

Are you going to arrange furniture along the walls to save space? The idea is good, but you should not abandon the U-shaped structure. When all actions take place within the framework of the “working triangle”, the hostess gets less tired.

Uncomfortable marble luxury

“Why not make it out of marble?” – my friends were interested. They gave a lot of money for the material, delivery, laying… After 3 years it became clear how big a mistake they had made.

The marble structure absorbs dirt, dust and grease. Pay attention to artificial stone or granite.

Insidious gloss. You don’t even know how insidious

It glitters in the light, shimmers and seduces. But are you aware that every fingerprint is visible on the glossy surface? To maintain the surface in a normal condition, you will have to wipe it several times a day.

Wooden floor

Even if you are trying to reproduce the spirit of Provence or country. The wooden floor does not serve you, but suffers: it gets dirty, swells from moisture, creaks. Yes, and it torments you.

Why do we need drawers if open shelves look better?

Better does not mean more convenient. Items can be “dropped” into the box (and when there is time – to disassemble them). And every time you need to put everything carefully on the shelf so as not to clutter up the space.

One lamp for the whole kitchen

One lamp is not able to illuminate every corner of the kitchen. And the hostess, it turns out, will darken herself during cooking.

Ideally, the light should be:

  • above the dining table;
  • above the work area;
  • common.

Use each of the options as needed.

One outlet and no space for additional equipment

You started the kitchen renovation. Where to start? FROM THE PLAN! Preferably one that will provide all the features of the placement of equipment. Do not rush to give up sockets. Maybe you decide to get an electric kettle? Or buy a microwave oven with a blender? Leave a place for them in the project.

Glass countertops: beautiful, but not so functional

They give the interior lightness and transparency. But in parallel, they are “showered” with problems: scratches are visible on the glass; it is very “loud”.

We sincerely wish you not to make mistakes in the design and creation of the interior.

Design of a two-room apartment

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