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Tuscan-style interior

Tuscany… Once you see this Italian region, you will surely fall in love with it forever. This province is known for its natural beauty – numerous flowers in which snow-white villas are buried; famous vineyards and slender cypresses scattered along the running slopes. The Tuscan-style interior is a reflection of the locals’ love for this fertile land and its generous gifts.

The main color scheme of this style: shades of earth, plants and ripe fruits. The color of burgundy wine is popular here, terracotta, brown, red, blue and green, by the way, you can choose the right color of the parquet if a parquet board is used.

A distinctive feature of this interior is the painting on the walls. As a rule, they depict the Tuscan countryside. Frescoes made of ceramic tiles are also popular, which will look spectacular in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Rustic wooden furniture with scuffs, half-plastered walls, clay and copper dishes will harmoniously fit into the Tuscan style.


When choosing a bed for your Tuscan-style interior, pay attention to Lordflex mattresses. Such mattresses made of natural materials will allow you to have a great rest!

The presence of natural stone and ceramic tiles in the interior is mandatory, especially tiles imitating old stone are popular. Limestone, granite or marble is used for wall and floor cladding. Dining tables in the kitchen are often decorated with stone countertops. A great design idea is a mosaic tabletop. As decorative elements in the kitchen, you can use wine racks; glass jugs with salted olives or baskets with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Lighting plays a special role. Lamps made in a rustic style or antique chandeliers will look good here. A crystal chandelier will add a note of sophistication and elegance to the interior.

Accessories are selected taking into account the cultural heritage of Tuscany. In such rooms, silver candlesticks and frames, copper dishes, as well as all kinds of ceramics are popular. Antique paintings in luxurious frames, marble or alabaster trinkets will harmoniously fit into the interior design.

Such universal fabrics as printed gauze, calico or jute can be used as textiles. Blinds, curtains, napkins, rugs and other products can be sewn from these fabrics.

Natural materials or their imitation are used as floor coverings: ceramic tiles, stone or aged wood. Small floor mats will give comfort and charm to the interior.

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