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We choose plumbing. Color, Material, Shape, manufacturer*

After solving the issue of heating your new apartment, you should move on to plumbing problems. Ceilings, walls, doors and everything else can wait compared to the moment in a person’s life when he, as a “king, wants to go there on foot.” Choosing a toilet and sink, you should take into account prices, design, preferences of family members, fashion trends, color scheme.

The modern market, trying to satisfy the desires and whims of the buyer, offers a whole palette of colors. For so long, the dominant white classic color of plumbing today gets along with others that are no longer exotic: blue, pink, emerald, gray, even with golden or silver dusting.

An important question: what are toilets, bathtubs and sinks made of? Manufacturers use sanfayans or sanfarfor. How do they differ? The best option is porcelain. It is a durable, safe, environmentally friendly material, has a higher density and a smoother surface. This means that with wet cleaning, it is easier to give a clean, almost new look to porcelain products. Faience is less hard, less durable, its surface is more porous. To clean the ingrained dirt, you will have to make more effort or use chemicals regularly. With careful handling, faience products are also durable. If we consider these two materials from the point of view of chemical composition, we can say that they are similar, the difference is in the ratio and manufacturing technology. Modern plumbing has something to surprise even the most whimsical buyers. Using elite copies will allow you to feel like a real king of the world.

Elite sanitary ware cannot be confused with “common” in any way, since rare and unusual materials are used in its manufacture and decoration: natural stone, precious stones and metals, glass made using special technology, rare woods and high-quality porcelain, hand-painted, Swarovski crystals. Elite plumbing will forever make you forget about the inconveniences associated with the use of simple equipment.

The form of plumbing. Which form should I choose?

It turns out that this is also a task. Geometry in design matters is very popular today. A dozen years ago, preference was given to rounded and oval shapes. They are more convenient, more familiar and safer, especially if there are small children in the family. Children tend to fall at the most unexpected moments. The lack of corners smooth out such unpleasant incidents. Feng Shui (many observe these norms in the housing issue) recommends rounded and oval shapes. But designers do not stop at the usual norms, they offer exquisite fantasy options. Following the advice of designers, you can enter rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal shapes in an original way, which will bring a certain flavor to life.

What are the distinctive features of imported plumbing options? Which plumbing should I give preference to?

Dutch plumbing does not require enormous attention to itself, it is like Cinderella, resistant to careless handling, the surface is scratch-resistant. There is another plus inherent in Dutch plumbing, antibacterial additives are included in the composition of the acrylic surface. Italian plumbing is distinguished by its flashy forms, requires constant admiring of it. But French and German plumbing items have a minimum of pretentiousness and maximum convenience.

The main difference between toilet bowls is the form of drainage. A vertical slope with a slight slope to the floor is considered more practical and convenient when installing a toilet.

Using all the tips, knowing all the pros and cons, most buyers are guided by their financial capabilities. After all, it is not necessary to pay for a brand just because it emphasizes its noble origin.

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