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How and which roof to choose

If you are a person who does not live in an apartment, and you are engaged in repairing or building your own house, then this article will help you with choosing the type of roof. Choose the type of roof should be with special care and scrupulousness, and that is why when choosing it, you should be very careful.

Choosing a roof, first of all, you should focus on the quality of the material. Buy a roof only from those manufacturers who can provide you with certificates of reliability. The main criteria of the roof include – frost resistance, durability, ease of installation, type and thickness of the roof material, as well as resistance to damage. By choosing the property that is of the highest priority for you, you will be able to choose the option that is most suitable for you.

According to its cost, types of roofing, we will conditionally divide it into three classes.

Economy class is asbestos cement sheets (or, in simpler terms, slate): bitumen, ondulin (wavy sheets) and profiled flooring are all time–tested materials, but they are unsightly in appearance and are highly susceptible to damage.

2nd class – business class. This class includes both metal roofing and soft roofing. Flexible roof – combines ease of installation and tightness of the roof joints, and with proper fit, it is very resistant to wind gusts. Metal roofing – such a roof has a very attractive appearance (imitating natural tiles), and the issue of noise insulation is solved with a polymer insulator 200 mm thick.

Premium class – such roofs include composite and ceramic tiles

The composite roof very successfully imitates natural tiles, but a galvanized steel sheet is taken as a basis. Galvanized steel will last a long time if it does not get damaged.

Ceramic tiles are the most expensive, but at the same time the service life is very long (somewhere around 50 years), also resistant to almost any atmospheric loads, aesthetic and presentable appearance.

Draw conclusions yourself and choose too.

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