Beautiful kitchen design

Beautiful kitchen design

Today’s kitchen is an interior, with a new spatial arrangement, in particular, integrated with the rest of the apartment. Once shyly and tightly closed, separated from the rest of the apartment, until recently it was considered only as a place for cooking and a place for “dirty” work, and this is not surprising. The offers on the domestic market of furniture manufacturers were not too attractive.

Typical kitchen cabinets, as a rule, and rather low-quality finishes, were also not a source of pride.

На протяжении десятилетий, советские архитекторы рассматривали эту комнату, как подсобное помещение. Свидетельствуют об этом до сегодняшнего дня, дизайн интерьера кухонь, разрабатываемый по действующим в то время нормам. Особенно кухни в блочных домах, с узкими тесными помещениями, зачастую лишенные окон.

Today, the kitchen is a place that is willingly exploited, a lot of attention and care is devoted to the design of the kitchen. The kitchen in today’s house is the central place where family life is concentrated, an interior with a new spatial arrangement integrated with the rest of the apartment. She no longer hides behind the doors, but on the contrary connects to the living room, so that the whole family could meet at a jointly prepared dinner. Today’s kitchen is an interior with a new spatial arrangement, in particular, integrated with the rest of the apartment.

When designing an apartment, we wonder how to organize the interior design of the kitchen, traditionally or modernly, in a colorful or rather muted color scheme.Very rarely do we think about how to organize and arrange lockers and appliances so that it would be convenient and safe. The aesthetics and design of the kitchen must be functionally adapted to our needs.
Regardless of the style and type of equipment, the design of the kitchen should be a reflection of our habits and tastes. Let’s remember that investing in the kitchen is an investment in our well-being, given that we spend most of our lives in the kitchen, sometimes even up to 4 hours a day.

A new kitchen is an expensive investment. Therefore, before we begin to modernize it, arrange the interior design of the kitchen, we must clearly formulate our requirements and expectations. We must clearly define our needs related to cooking and eating, storing goods and equipment.

There are many possibilities for organization, the walls between the kitchen countertop and cabinets. Stone, wood, glass, metal and wallpaper are gradually replacing the well-known and widely used ceramic tiles.

Check what materials will be checked in your kitchen. Check which materials are suitable for your kitchen. Dripping fat, hot water, leftover food. It is important that the wall between the countertop and the cabinet is reliable. But let’s not forget that the kitchen wall is also an element of the kitchen interior design. We need to make sure that it is not only practical, but also aesthetic.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular finishing materials.Its availability and variety of prices, as well as a variety of formats, designs and colors, make it very popular and easily applicable. When buying tiles, it should be remembered that glazed tiles covered with a thick layer of enamel best justify themselves in the kitchen.

Also important is the appropriate sealing of seams with a jointer. Seams that do not absorb fat and that do not lose color, such as epoxy grouts, are well justified. Tiles are well suited for all types of kitchens, from traditional to modern.


Wood in the kitchen will make it warmer, even the most strict and minimalist interior. Rarely used for kitchen interior decoration, solid wood. Slabs and laminated panels imitating wood are often used. The connections between the panels are made using special metal strips. Carefully laid panels still need to be varnished.

The varnish protects them from moisture absorption and facilitates care. Wood is suitable,, for almost any type of kitchen interior design. This solution is the most widely used, in open kitchens that are combined with the living room. All this is to emphasize the consistency of the organizations of the premises.


Kitchen design using tinplate. The tin-finished walls look modern and sterile. Resistant to moisture, water is suitable for the kitchen, the hostess of which often cooks food. Tin is also heat-resistant.

However, it has its drawbacks. Everyday dirt and traces of water drops are visible on it.Tin is not very easy to keep clean. Tin made of aluminum, copper and stainless steel is the most popular.Tin is produced in large sheets and can be used for kitchen decoration, without seams and joints.The interior design of the tin-lined kitchen will be perfectly combined with the modern and minimalist industrial interior of the kitchen. The steel walls and the top panel are the perfect combination for those who love simplicity and minimalism.


Walls in glass are a new solution used in kitchen design. Suitable for modern minimalist kitchen furniture. There are several types of glass. Metallized, decorated with ornaments, colored – there is plenty to choose from.

It is best to choose tempered glass that is resistant to damage. The use of glass on the walls gives many opportunities to organize the surface under it.The wall under the glass can be painted in any color, covered with wallpaper or you can put your photos or recipes under the glass.


Elegant and durable. Stone in the interior design of the kitchen, has a number of advantages. Granites are best suited for this role, which are not only resistant to fat absorption, but also easy to clean. Beautiful and noble travertine and marble are also used for wall decoration in the kitchen. The walls lined with natural stone are very impressive, but quite expensive. The kitchen design looks aesthetically pleasing and original. Associated with modernity and luxury. Stone goes well with wood. It is perfect not only for traditional and antique furniture, but also for modern, including lacquered.


In the kitchen, you can also use wallpaper. Not all types of wallpapers are designed for this purpose. For kitchen design, the most suitable moisture-resistant wallpaper that can be washed and cleaned. It’s good if they are also painted with transparent paint. Soft vinyl wallpaper is well suited for this purpose. In places that have frequent contact with water, for example, a sink, wallpaper is well covered with glass. Wallpaper on the kitchen wall is a rather original approach. They are suitable not only for stylized antique kitchen interior design, but also for modern kitchen design.

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