Wall stickers

Wall stickers

The fashion for decorating walls with stickers has been going on for some time and it seems that over time it is becoming more and more popular, has ardent supporters — especially among interior decorators and young people.

Recently, a group of enthusiasts of this type of jewelry has been joined by artists who use stickers to express their thoughts about art. Wall stickers are the easiest way to change and emphasize the character of your home.

For whom?

Not only for children and teenagers, but for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

In addition, for those who are afraid of radical changes. Some stickers can be repeatedly glued and peeled off, repeatedly changing positions, without damage to walls or furniture. It’s worth a try, because any such change is a good way to improve your mood.


A wall sticker… is not just a self-adhesive film. The very fact of their choice can scare more than one lover of changes in the style of their interior. In stores you can find, among other things, mirror stickers, velour stickers, stickers printed in three-dimensional volume, transparent from transparent film, which can be pasted on glass (give the effect of colored glass, can imitate stained glass).

Most stores also give the opportunity to order stickers in any size and color. Modern stickers and photo wallpapers are covered with laminate. This ensures their long-term use and resistance to damage.


The installation of stickers is extremely simple. Most often, they are sold on a transparent film, which makes it easier to place the pattern in the chosen place. When buying, the stickers are accompanied by detailed instructions in the form of an image, such as (“step by step”), and often a spatula to facilitate gluing.

The basic rule: photo wallpapers, stickers, are glued to dry and clean surfaces.

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