House design

“”Urban ethno”. Design of a three-room apartment.

The large hallway has come alive with ethnic motifs thanks to the use of bamboo trunks scattered along the wall. The wardrobe for clothes and shoes is decorated with woven bamboo slabs, and mirrored doors dissolve it in the space of the hall. Beige stretch ceiling gives lightness and depth to the room. The hallway space smoothly drags into the living room, which is divided into two zones: a dining room and a TV viewing area. The designer chandelier descends over the center of the table, fixing its location in space, and the black mirror coating of the exquisite table, like the surface of a night lake, perceives a lot of glare from the frosted chandelier bulbs. Like bright stars, they illuminate the living room with a soft mysterious light. The TV area is defined by inserts of natural straw wallpaper. Their living structure continues the ethnic theme set in the apartment and gives warmth to the living room.

The study and the bedroom are two independent rooms with their own character. The cabinet, thanks to the plasterboard construction, acquired a Mexican sound. The bedroom had a critical width, it was decided to take out wardrobes for clothes and bed linen on both sides in the form of narrow pencil cases. Having rounded the corners and installed glass shelves instead of bedside tables, they created an alcove, the decoration of which with metal wallpaper shields all radiation. Vertical stripes in the decoration increase the height of the room and harmonize with the vertical slots in the headboard. The wax-tinted papyrus on the wall, the combination of black and gold in the curtains and bedspread emphasize the Egyptian leitmotif throughout the interior.