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Tuscan bathroom design

The Tuscan design creates a warm and friendly atmosphere of the Old World in the bathroom. The Tuscan style combines natural elements and earthy colors. The bathroom is the place where you can relax and unwind. Use the Tuscan style to create a sense of luxury.

Colors and paint.

For the design of the Tuscan bathroom interior, such warm and earthy colors as golden, terracotta, olive green and blue are used, which are able to convey the atmosphere of Tuscany. You can choose a palette of colors for the bathroom directly from the Tuscan landscape. Paint the walls of the room in a light golden color with accents of a dark blue shade associated with the Mediterranean Sea.

The colors you choose will help create a Tuscan atmosphere in the bathroom, and to give the interior a look, add texture to the walls. Use plaster to create the impression of medieval stone walls. To make the cabinets and dressing table look old, use the artificial aging technique, which will give the new thing an old look.

Floors and tiles.

Marble or stone should be chosen to cover the floor in a Tuscan bathroom. These materials are quite expensive for a large room. Ceramic tiles can mimic the look of stone or marble, but cost much less. In the Tuscan design, shades of terracotta color look good, but tiles in earthy tones are suitable for the shower. The floor can be heated. Put terracotta tiles on the floor of the shower stall and use glass doors to visually increase the space in small bathrooms.


Wrought iron accessories and antique cabinets will give the bathroom a Mediterranean look. The walls can be decorated with marble tiles. Dressing tables and furniture should have classic straight lines. Use metal urns, terracotta pots and glass jars as accents in the Tuscan design. Bronze electric switches and wrought iron wall sconces will create a romantic atmosphere of Italy. Pick up fasteners for the washbasin and bath, made of copper.

Sink and bathtub.

In Tuscan bathroom design, simplicity is the key. The sink, bathtub and chest of drawers should be white. Around the sink, you can use a marble or stone countertop in brown and bluish-gray tones. To create a more individual design, decorate the walls around the sink and bathtub with mosaics. Use a Tuscan color palette, including red, olive and gray shades. In a modern interior, the sink can be inserted into the dressing table.