House design

Wooden Bath

The bathroom is a piece of the design of your apartment. You and only you decide what it should be! This room is not only for taking a morning toilet, it is part of your fantasy. Now the most fashionable bathrooms are wooden bathtubs. You can’t argue with the fact that wood is not a practical material for the construction of your bathroom. However, it is worth remembering that our great-grandfathers used wood for the construction of troughs or tubs. Therefore, the history of our bath is exactly the tree. A wooden bathtub will give your apartment a unique look! Of course, such a bath requires special care for its person. But her appearance alone is worth it!

For the construction of such a bath, such wood should be used, which has been used for a large amount of time in the shipbuilding industry. A tree of this breed is resistant to moisture. Such qualities are possessed by such types of trees as larch, wenge, mahogany. The surface of the bath should be insulated and covered with a layer of varnish. The shape of the bathtub gives a special chic. Often the bath is given the shape of a yacht or a ship.

There is another method of producing baths. This method is made of solid wood as well as plywood. Such baths are made rectangular in shape, and they fit perfectly into the design.

Well, respectively, the third way. Baths in this style are very similar to the troughs and tubs that our great-grandfathers still used.

Finally, the third method of production. It is archaic. Baths made in this style are very similar to the very tubs and troughs that our ancestors used.

The technique of making baths is not complicated, however, special care should be taken. All details must be taken into account and adjusted to each other.

Such baths have only one drawback – it is the complexity of caring for them. It is necessary to use only gentle means for cleaning.

The most important advantage of such baths is the inexpressible sensations that you experience when you take such a bath. Nothing in the world can compare with natural wood. This pleasure costs a lot of money, but it’s worth it!