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Choosing a sliding gate

Sliding gates became very popular when a special beam was used in their manufacture and construction, which moves along two stably fixed carriages. Thus, all the gates are a single whole, which is very convenient, since it does not require the installation of an arched system that prevented the entry of taller and larger cars. If the traditional installation went with the lower rail, then it was necessary to take care of it in a special way.


This view will save space if you compare these gates with those that open to the side. Neither outside nor inside, no doors or doors will interfere. If we talk about the winter season, there will be no need to clear the space of snow, there will be no drifts and snowdrifts. The advantage will also be that the opening of such gates is much wider than usual. According to the manufacturers’ proposals, they will be able to produce gates of any size.

The texture of the gate will be made for every taste: “transparent” or “deaf”. The choice is really big: lattices or openwork molding, smooth sheet or wooden lining.

Automatic configuration of the gate will allow you to open the entrance without leaving the car and, if desired, illuminate the yard. Such control significantly increases the operating time and does not require constant maintenance of the manufacturer. Manual opening will also not make it difficult for the buyer, because the components are most often Italian and guarantee reliability.

It will be convenient if a gate is installed in the gate.

Discuss the gate size and material with the manufacturer. The weight of the structure depends on this, on the basis of which the strength of the base set and its parameters are calculated. Only with the correct calculation, the gates will last a long time and their performance will not suffer.

There is quite a lot of training material on the Internet on how to make and install the gate yourself. At the time of the crisis, this is relevant because you do not have to pay for the company’s services. But the reliability and long-term durability of the gate depends on the experience of specialists. Entrust the installation to professionals.

The basic set of automatic sliding gates includes: radio receiver and control unit, remote control, rail. In order to secure the territory as much as possible, you can install additional photocells, cameras, antennas.

A detailed scheme of the foundation will be provided by the manufacturer.

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